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Point of Rental helps RSEA Hire Handle Nationwide Contracts

When RSEA Hire opened its doors in 1993, they started with a bit of inventory and a commitment to provide customers with outstanding service.

Over the past 28 years, they’ve grown to become the largest independent safety business in Australia, with over 60 safety superstores, six distribution centres, six hire depots, and 16 embroidery facilities.

When you’re managing that many locations in both the retail and hire spheres, though, you need dedicated software to handle both businesses. In 2015, RSEA Hire realised their retail-based ERP software wasn’t handling the hire side of their business the way they’d like.

While well-suited for the retail side of business, it simply wasn’t fit for the purpose of hiring equipment, moving it around the country, and managing more complex operations a hire company has to deal with.

That’s when they turned to Syrinx.

After consulting with their staff, whose experience with the software at other hire companies had been enjoyable and evaluating the customizability of the reporting, they chose Syrinx over competing hire software platforms. After a six-week trial in NSW, the implementation proved successful and RSEA Hire didn’t look back, rolling out the platform nationally.

Over the past six years, Point of Rental’s Syrinx software has helped RSEA Hire tackle the problems facing the hire side of their business:

  • It’s assisted in managing their asset transfers from state to state, which happen frequently with the finite resources of a hire company, allowing them to maximise utilisation across Australia.
  • The on- and off-hiring processes are easier to manage, they’re more accurate, and they’re efficient while including equipment inspection checklists.
  • They’re able to store documents digitally within the system, from contracts to customer signatures to photos of equipment to COCs.
  • The efficient user interface helps them raise quotes and load contracts, providing superior customer service and allowing them to help more customers.
  • The software handles workshop and yard management, accurately recording repairs and maintenance for cost tracking and accurate billing.
  • Pricing is both easy to adjust and can be restricted to certain people, preventing costly pricing mistakes.
  • Reporting provides all the information they need to forecast their hire business efficiently and effectively.
Adding the Driver App

According to RSEA Hire’s Head of Hire Alex Percossi, the company’s recent addition of Syrinx Driver to their digital tool belt has “dramatically improved our workflows” regarding the delivery and collection of equipment.

In just a few short months, the company has reduced its paperwork load and cut down greatly on opportunities for human error; they’re not losing/misplacing paperwork or struggling to make out someone else’s handwriting while entering data.

After trialling the system for a month in Queensland, RSEA Hire found the Driver App so beneficial that they rolled it out nationally a few weeks ago and it’s made their team that much more efficient.

It also helped streamline deliveries and on/off-hiring contracts by pushing jobs out directly from Syrinx to the drivers’ mobile devices, each with a link to the relevant contract.

Drivers have the ability to gather signed electronic documents, off-hiring checklists, and attach condition photos directly to contracts, giving management the ability to process contracts for payment and get paid faster.

It’s not all about software

While Alex is happy with Syrinx as a software, his favourite part about using Syrinx is that Point of Rental is always there to help him (and RSEA Hire) be as successful as possible.

“The communication with the team has been exceptional. The team at Point of Rental is receptive and look for solutions to our problems. If something isn’t achievable, they’re candid about it as well, rather than stringing us along.”

Point of Rental has worked with Alex and the RSEA team to customize Syrinx to their needs, including customized reports that they use to analyse and manage their business, and they’re currently working together to provide a forecasting report that will get the exact data they’re looking for.

With the introduction of Syrinx 365 and the Power BI, Alex is starting to implement its realtime data tracking and building dashboards to track the necessary data for each role within RSEA Hire.

The upshot

Syrinx and the team at Point of Rental have helped RSEA Hire handle the hire side of their business in a way that gives them more control over their future.

As Alex says to anyone looking to enhance their hire processes, “Speak to the team at Point of Rental. Syrinx is a feature-rich hire system you should be looking at.”

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