With today’s technology, an online presence is crucial for your business to stay relevant, but it can be a 24/7 job to keep it consistently managed. Here are three characteristics of a successful website that will keep your business growing and put hours back on the clock.

Providing customers with online tools such as an online catalog, shopping cart functionality, booking availability, and customer portals for secure payments and account information, not only allows you to provide higher customer satisfaction, but also increases business. In fact, when current information is available online, customers are 75% more likely to visit the store.1Online self-service tools are also proven to increase business and reduce phone inquires, saving you time and increasing revenue2

However, keeping item availability, pricing, and account information current can be a full time job, and if information is not automatically updated, you risk overbooking items and losing business. Statistics show that when current information isn’t available, one in four shoppers say that they won’t even go to the store to avoid the risk of items not being available.1 So how can you balance managing your online presence 24/7 while staying focused on running your store efficiently?

Rental Hosting, a website design and hosting company, is exclusively partnered with Point of Rental Software, to provide you with seamless integration and automatic updates for item availability, pricing, and customer information. When online reservations are created, they are automatically shown within your Point of Rental system for quick and easy, one-click processing.

Beyond providing current information, customers demand quick information at their fingertips while they’re on-the-go. Therefore, it is essential that your website be optimized for viewing on any device – especially smartphones. But is smart phone optimization even enough? Statistics show that 53% of consumers say they want mobile apps to provide accurate information about the location and availability of items in store.3Tailored apps increase repeat business and build customer loyalty.

Search engine optimization (SEO) is also a huge buzzword in the marketing world. Where you are ranked on search results in relation to your competition is crucial for gaining potential customers. However, SEO is a highly complicated algorithm consisting of many things from how often the site is updated, to how relevant the information is, and an array of back-links and meta tags. Check out our blog on Five Ways to Improve Your Online Presence. The good news is that Rental Hosting offers many SEO features, helping you to stay ranked above competitors. In 2015, Rental Hosting’s integrated websites for Point of Rental clients generated over 900 million hits, 26 million visitors and over 160 thousand online quote requests!

All of these features and more are available on custom-built designs from Rental Hosting. Feel free to browse some of the websites Rental Hosting has designed and is currently hosting:




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