Many aspects of our lives today are automated and simplified through the use of modern technology, and the tent rental industry is no exception. Below are just a few points on how rental management software can help streamline your business while providing valuable, cost saving benefits.

1. Dynamic Quantity

Manually inputting updates of on-hand tent components can take hours and can often create overbooking errors when not done correctly or promptly. However, rental management software automatically adjusts on-hand items as they are rented and shows this accurate inventory information at a glance.

2. Prepping and Loading

Instead of staff trying to decipher sales contracts, the software will generate an inventory load and prep list to streamline the process and eliminate error. When a contract is created, the software automatically creates a prep report based on which items are going out. This provides staff the lead-time necessary to ensure tent tops are cleaned and repaired before their next rental. The software also creates a load list specific to delivery trucks for delivery stops or customer pickup.

3. Item and Customer Records

Rather than keeping hundreds of files detailing item records, rental management software provides this information and more with just a click of a button. Not only do item records show detailed specs, manuals and photos of inventory, but they also integrate with service and maintenance reports to show the full history on specific items. Additionally, customer information is stored securely with their contact information, specific reservations, order history, and call logs, which allows you to provide the best customer experience.

4. Deliveries and Setup Crews

Perfect for the tent industry, the dispatch center provides the most efficient method to oversee deliveries and setup crews. With GPS integration, the software allows for the scheduling of deliveries and pickups, while also giving turn-by-turn directions for the most efficient route. This feature also provides real-time delivery location information in order to alert customers of the estimated delivery times.

5. Day-at-a-Glance

A day-at-a-glance dashboard provides easy access to all current and future business data in a real-time environment. This feature brings each of these capabilities together and shows hour-by-hour tasks that need to be accomplished throughout the day. From prepping and loading, to deliveries, items out and other crucial notifications, a day-at-a-glance dashboard enables businesses to operate more efficiently.

6. Mobile Workforce

There are many labor saving benefits of integrating a mobile rental software application. This program can be used on any Internet capable device and allows field sales staff to update customers of their arrival time, add customer notes and mark deliveries that are reflected on the contract in real-time. It also links installation site photos to their contracts to give installers the necessary information to complete the job efficiently. The photos upload feature can also be used by staff to document installations or even damaged equipment on-site by linking photos in the field to contracts in the system. When the job is completed, the customer can sign directly on the device, which is immediately reflected on the contract. Additionally, a mobile workforce application provides mobile scheduling and an alerts function allows each staff member to be notified when and where they are assigned while also being able to clock in and out.

While it is easy to see the benefits of streamlining processes through rental management software, it’s also easy to ignore the costs of keeping manual processes or using multiple platforms for different jobs. Not only do these dated options increase labor costs and decrease efficiency, they also increase the probability of error and decrease customer value. By streamlining your processes, you will cut costs, improve efficiency, increase customer satisfaction and increase your bottom line. Call us today at 972-602-9819 or visit to see these features in action!