As your partner in the rental industry, Point-of-Rental continually looks for ways to improve your business with technology. This is why we are pleased to have recently joined forces with DocuSign to offer paperless contract signing for the rental industry.

So what exactly is DocuSign and how can it help your business? DocuSign offers an easy-to-use digital transaction platform that lets users send, sign and manage legally binding documents securely in the cloud on any device, anytime and anywhere. Ideal for businesses of all sizes, this technology eliminates the paper, fax, shipping and re-keying errors that come with paper signatures. With DocuSign, you can save time and hassle, as well as provide superior customer service!

In today’s business where many transactions are authorized over the phone or electronically, this feature allows rental contracts, terms and conditions agreements, and more to be signed remotely by your customers, making transactions easier than ever. It’s easy to see how offering the ability to sign contracts electronically can improve your customers’ experience. Need a signed contract before authorizing delivery to a site? No need to have the customer come in just for that. DocuSign reduces liability when delivering rental assets when there is not a contact onsite to sign for the delivery. Users of this technology can take confidence knowing that documents signed with DocuSign come with legal enforce-ability and offers your company protection as a binding contract.

The process for using DocuSign is a simple one. First select the document to be signed, add signature recipients, specify any required fields such as address or company name, place their signature tag and click send. Your recipients then receive an email asking them to sign. Once the document has been signed, everyone is alerted and it’s stored electronically for your records.

The future of business is digital and Point-of-Rental will be there at each step of the way as your partner. To learn more about adding the DocuSign integration to your operations, contact us today at [email protected] or by calling 1-800-944-RENT.