Point of Rental Expert earned its way onto the HAE Awards shortlist for the Events Industry Product of the Year.

Rental Expert Shortlisted for HAE Award

After being introduced to Europe in 2016, Point of Rental Expert earned its way onto the shortlist for a 2017 Hire Award of Excellence as an Events Industry Product of the Year.

It earned its way onto the HAE shortlist with its Customer Rewards feature, a first of its kind within the rental industry, and its double-blind scanning feature, both of which were a part of the v2016 update.

Customer Rewards allows store managers to offer rewards for sales, hires, and asset sales. Rewards are accrued automatically in a customer’s account and a popup appears when creating a contract, giving the counter person the option to apply the discount.

Double-blind scanning allows employees to quickly check large quantities of items in or out when using RFID tags and a scanner. The software automatically assigns items to the proper contracts and closes contracts where items have been returned.

Independently judged, the Hire Awards of Excellence acknowledge the successes of rental companies and suppliers, along with the incredible individuals who set the standard. Shortlisted entries represent the best in class for companies and individuals working in the rental sector.

To find out more about Point of Rental Expert, Customer Rewards, and see how the software can help your events business, contact [email protected] or call 1-800-944-7368.

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