Straightforward Operations

Perfect for straightforward operations looking for an all-in-one solution

Why choose Essentials?

Rental Essentials is the cloud-based rental software for new or seasonal rental businesses of any industry. Large companies with lots of franchises also love Essentials’ flexibility and easy setup. One of Point of Rental’s award-winning software products, Essentials makes inventory control, contract writing, and other rental basics easy.

  • No Server Required
  • Inexpensive, Easy Payment Options
  • Quick Contracts
  • Frequent Updates
  • Incredible Web and Email Support

Designed to Fit Your Industry

We have Essentials users in the party, equipment, bike, camera, Audio and Visual, surf, boat, event, games, wardrobe, hardware, housing, plumbing, and several other industries – with 500+ years of rental experience in the company, they know Point of Rental provides software that’s going to help them outperform the competition

Award Winning Features

Mobile App

Access delivery and pickup information, scan items in and out, and even take payments with the Essentials mobile app. The app allow you to easily scan barcodes or search for items by contract/customer/item information. It's also free and integrates with your Rental Essentials software, making it esy to view and edit transaction.


All the features in the world don't mean much if you can't capture data and analyze your business. With more than 70 reports available, Essentials users can see each aspect of their business, including Gain/Loss reports, ROI, utilization, customer information, etc. That insight help users make informed decisions to propel their business forward.

Automatic Billing / Invoicing

Don't waste your time looking through files and hoping you remember to bill customers with long-term rentals accurately. Automatic billing allows you to set billing intervals that work for your business and generate invoices according to your schedule. You'll be able to automatically bill until all items are received and eve extend the contract due date with each billing.

Scheduling Maintenance

One of many joys of ownership is maintenance. Equipment breakdowns are not only costly to repair, but they can do irreparable harm to your business if they occur at the wrong time. Essentials makes it easier to track when time or meter-based prevantative maintenance is required. It will store a maintenance log for your equipment with any notes you add.


Often, items get rented together. In the event industry, we see it often with canvases, poles, and stakes, which are rented out as tents. Unserialized kits allow you to manage these issues with ease, as you set up kits on the back end to create an item on the front end. A customer or counter person only selects the main item, and we'll track the component pieces.

Easy to Use

Contracts are fundamental to a rental business. Since they'll be an integral part of your daily work, we thought they ought to be as easy as possible to create and edit. That's why we have our 60-second contract challenge - You should be able to start a contract from scratch and have it out for a quote within 60 seconds in Essentials.

Metered Tracking/Billing

You don't want people using your equipment like it was rented, so you charge based on meter readings. Can Essentials handle all that? Of course we can! You enter the meter reading when it goes out; you enter the meter reading when it comes back. Essentials does all the calculatingof prices, including any overage fees, based on your settings in the system.


If you have to deal with the occasional customer rush, Kiosk can help you manage the line and keep everyone progressing toward their rental. With an in-store kiosk, they'll be able to enter their customer information and choose products to rent before they get to the counter.

Rental eSign

Go paperless at the front counter and save your staff the trouble of filing and rifling through files to try to find signatures on old contracts. With Rental eSign, you're able to collect signatures instantly via a tablet at your counter (eSign Counter) or from anywhere, via email (eSign Remote). Signatures are stored in Essentials and organized for easy location in the future.

Online Store

It's easy to keep your rental business open 24/7 with Essentials' online store feature. The online store works with Rental Essentials' inventory tracking to ensure that your item availability is kept up-to-date and that customers can enter quotes online, to be followed up on in the morning. It's also optimized for mobile use and includes overbooking capabilities.

Condition Photos

Eliminate disputes over who caused what damage with condition photos. You'll be able to take photos of equipment as it's sent out and as it's picked up or returned. With each entry being timestamped, you'll be able to pinpoint at which point in the process equipment was damaged.

Success Package

Just in case you're not a wizard, we can let you borrow one of ours as you get set up. We'll check over the data you've entered in our template, ensure it's ready to go, and check it again after we upload it into Essentials. You'll also receive up to two hours of training with our Essentials trainers to help you get started. All in all, it's a one-time fee that saves you time and money.

Get started now

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Kim and Jeff Kim, Epic Event Rental

Inexpensive Cloud Rental Software Doesn’t Have to be Cheap

“Point of Rental is definitely a must… The support is great, the price is great for it, and as for what it offers…we’ve had this since December of [2017] and I’m still learning and finding new tricks.”

Bryan Coons, Wilson’s Rental & Landscape

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