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Why Expert?

Expert is the gold standard of the rental software industry, earning awards annually with new, innovative features. Point of Rental customers love its easy-to-use Windows interface and its ability to handle everything a rental business needs, whether it’s one store or fifty. And the 24/7 in-house customer service? Second to none.

Smart Dispatching

Customer Connection

Easy Scheduling

In-depth Accounting

Precise Inventory

Robust Reporting

Shorten The Path To Success

You’ve got a lot to do – our dispatching and mobile solutions ensure you’re getting it done, not wasting time on the road or making extra trips back to the office.

Find Your Stuff

Keeping tabs on all of your inventory is hard, especially when it is constantly on rent, in the maintenance yard, or prepped and ready to rent. Expert’s inventory tracking makes it easier to track what you have, no matter where it is.

Engage Your Customers

It’s pretty difficult to maintain a business without customers, and it’s tough to keep customers if you don’t treat them right. Expert helps you keep your customers in the loop and connected, helping them feel how much you care.

  • Integrated websites and customer portals allow reservations based on realtime inventory.
  • Maintain customer rewards programs, ensuring your best customers see they’re getting the best deal.
  • Send text messages or emails based on selected actions automatically, like delivery notifications.
  • Electronic signatures allow you to collect signatures at the counter, via mobile device, or online.

Balance Your Books

What’s just as important as tracking your inventory? Tracking your money. Expert tracks the information that matters and works with your accounting software to ensure your accounting team is able to see every penny.

Automatic Billing/Invoicing

Don’t waste your time looking through files and hoping you remember to bill customers with long-term rentals accurately. Set billing intervals that work for your business and generate invoices according to your schedule. You’ll be able to automatically bill until all items are received and even extend the contract due date with each billing.

Accounts Receivable Manager

Organize your collection agent’s daily workflow. Assign customers to agents, who can log communications, schedule follow-ups, etc. Important information is immediately available to users and managers, simplifying the collections process.

Be On Time, Every Time

Time is money, so it’s critical to manage your time efficiently. Expert gives you the tools you need to manage your business’s staffing and schedule needs.

Credit Card Processing

Accounting Solutions

Barcode & RFID Scanning


We all get by with a little help from our friends. Expert integrates with industry-leading software solutions to provide you with a comprehensive software suite.

Who Loves Expert?

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What Else Do We Have to Offer?


Each fall, we welcome 200+ rental experts to Ft. Worth to network, learn, and influence Point of Rental.


Our employee-led charitable group spends time, money, and resources to make an impact in our communities.


Our EPIC customers tell their stories and we recognize what they do for their communities.


We’re a part of industry associations and continue to pursue innovation awards because we care about rental.

Book a Demo

Whether you have a question about features, trials, pricing, need a demo, or anything else, our team is ready to answer your questions.

Mobile Workforce

Your team is expected to get work done anywhere; their software ought to be there, too. With Mobile Workforce, users can clock in or out on-site (entries are geostamped so you’ll know where they clocked in or out from), see realtime delivery routes, take condition photos, collect signatures – basically, take care of business. Everywhere.

Dispatch Center

Optimize your pickups and deliveries by using Dispatch Center, which allows a dispatcher to schedule pickups and deliveries to specific delivery trucks, then provides each truck-trip combo with turn-by-turn and round-trip directions as well as maps. Dispatchers can assign drivers and crew, track fuel costs, anticipate load weights, estimate time parameters for each stop, and see realtime route status updates.


Take inspections digital. As checks are made, they are removed from the checklist for easy sorting. Should a medium- or high-priority checklist item fail inspection, an IMO or IRO will generate automatically. You can even attach condition photos to the item record, so managers and maintenance staff can see damages before an item returns.


Expert works with TSO Mobile to give you more control of your fleet. You’ll see realtime and historical location data, be able to create geofences, track speeds and usage history…basically, you’ll have the tools you need to optimize your fleet’s use.

Equipment Rental Software Graphic showing condition photos.

Condition Photos

Eliminate disputes over who caused what damage with condition photos. Take photos of your items when they’re delivered and when they’re picked up or returned. With each entry being timestamped, you’ll be able to pinpoint where in the process your equipment was damaged.

Kitting Tools

Often, items get rented together or a larger item will be made up of component pieces. Unserialized kits allow you to manage components with ease, setting up kits on the back end to create front-end items. You’ll also be able to add suggested items for upselling opportunities.

Purchase Orders

Track your entire purchase process easily – eliminate manual entry errors with automatic updates of inventory quantities when items are received. Point of Rental also handles subrentals, item inventory, and parts easily. You can even open POs directly from a service contract or work order.

RFID & Barcode Scanning

Do you over-prep for orders by including extras like bags for linens, extra chairs for “just in case”, etc.? We keep track of actual quantities sent out to ensure it all comes back. You can do everything from this screen – asset sales for missing/damaged items, scanning RFID tagged items…we can even do blind and double-blind scanning, which automatically returns items onto the proper contracts.


Even when you’re sending items away, you can track them easily. Expert allows you to integrate with UPS or FedEx Shipping Manager. You’ll be able to see the shipping information and current tracking status, as well as a report showing your shipping costs per contract.

Day at a Glance

Basically the command center for your day: You can see everything going out for the day, everything coming back, job sites, serial numbers, etc. You can send out reminders, demands for return…or even print, close, modify, and start new contracts. Many Expert users spend their entire day connected to everything in Day at a Glance.


Define daily work schedules of employees while giving them the freedom to view, print, email, and import their schedules into third-party calendar apps. Employees can request time off and swap shifts, which will notify managers for approval. Scheduling can generate all shifts based on templates for a whole company, store, shift, or employee group.

Time Clock

Why have separate software? Employees clock in/out and can review their entries, while giving management ability to correct errors. Employees who only use Point of Rental for time clock purposes can be defined, limiting their access to the system. Time Clock computes regular and OT hours and sends that information to payroll processors.