The following is an article from our upcoming To the Point Magazine, which will be available at the Point of Rental booth (#4111) at the ARA Show in February.

Point of Rental has grown from 15 to 50 to 150 employees in the last few years, and when a company experiences that kind of growth, it’s important to center that growth on a concrete set of core values.

We’ve long valued honesty, responsibility, transparency, dedication, trustworthiness, innovation, integrity, and teamwork, but as we set our sights on our (and our customers’) continued growth, we decided it was necessary to come up with a concise set of core values. After all, when you’ve added a new employee every two weeks for the past two years, you learn the value of simplicity and consistency in building your culture.

In 2018, we simplified our core values to make them easy to summarize and easy to remember. We decided that the best way to describe Pointers is EPIC:

Empowering – We equip our teammates, customers, and communities to reach their full potential. We foster confident autonomy to resolve issues and discover new ideas by investing in continuing education, promoting an atmosphere of open questioning and active listening, and defining a wide boundary of trust.

Principled – We are committed to creating an environment of authenticity, honesty, and openness. Our actions demonstrate conviction and purposeful intention in the way we interact with our teammates, customers, and communities.

Innovative – We are trailblazers, committed to constant innovation in everything we do for our team, our customers, and our communities. We relentlessly strive to identify opportunities and surmount future challenges to ensure success.

Caring – We authentically care about our teammates, customers, and communities. By supporting and mentoring them to be their best, we empower and encourage them to serve others with the goal of making the world a better place.

Pointers are EPIC because at Point of Rental, we’re an EPIC company – everything we do, we’re doing to improve ourselves, the rental industry, and the world for the long haul.

In this issue of To the Point, you’ll see how we’re working to achieve our goals. You’ll see some of the efforts of Point the Way, our employee-led group focusing on charitable projects in our communities and throughout the world. You’ll read about our employees of the year, whose achievements embody EPIC. And you’ll see about the innovative things we’ve added to our software to help our customers become more efficient, freeing up their time from day-to-day tasks to make a bigger impact in their communities.

Being EPIC doesn’t stop within our offices. You’re a powerful force within the Point of Rental family, and we’d love to see the empowering, principled, innovative, or caring things you’ve been doing to improve the world around you. Let us know about them by emailing [email protected].