As Point of Rental has grown, we’ve strengthened our roots. After all, it’s consistently produced fruit for the company, our customers, and the rental industry. In 2018, we acquired two companies (RentalTrax and PartyCAD), and we’re starting to focus on impacting the world beyond rental.

We’re able to do this because of you, our Point of Rental family. You’re giving us ideas. You’re telling us where we’re doing well and how we can improve. You’re helping other businesses make the decision to join us. Because of you, we have a lot of freedom to pursue our goals and achieve. That’s why we want you to know what we’ve done with your trust and support.

So what’d we do last year?

Strengthened our Culture:

  • We brought our worldwide offices together into one culture, simplified our core values, and began rolling out an official welcoming process (including a new welcome guide and video). By making our core values more memorable, the company has reinvigorated commitment to our original family values and started 46 new staff members across our three offices with the understanding of what it is to be a Pointer.
  • We’re more connected than ever, using internal communications tools and employee-led groups that work across departments to solve problems. Employees are encouraged to share their experience as Pointers with each other, creating a sense of community across oceans.

Helped Others:

  • Because Pointers care about others, employees founded Point the Way, the company’s community outreach program, in 2018. We delivered 600+ pounds of food to local food banks and 100+ toys to a Christmas toy drive – those donations were then doubled with Point of Rental matching them. We also provided weekly time for employees to participate initiatives that promote literacy in local schools.
  • Our support team provided more than 1 million minutes of direct, in-house phone support on more than 150,000 calls, ensuring our customers were able to resolve issues and help their next customer as quickly as possible. Customer participation in service feedback surveys doubled, and our feedback scores are at their highest levels since we began recording them a few years ago.
  • We enhanced accessibility by cataloguing Rental Expert’s 450+ reports, creating a searchable database to explain each one and what it’s used for. We implemented 50+ user-submitted ideas into our software products via uInnovate, our feedback management system. We even launched the Innovation Lab, a video series to introduce you to our apps and modules – and we’re planning an expansion to answer common software questions in the future.

Set New Standards:

  • The company continues to dedicate itself to developing the next wave of software for its customers: We added or upgraded six Syrinx apps to make them more powerful and mobile-friendly. We added a CRM for Rental Elite, new tagging features in Rental Essentials, internal tracking capabilities in Rental Expert and Elite. Most notably, we created UnlockIt, a smart locker-based, almost autonomous rental experience that allows for secure rentals and returns after hours.
  • Our innovation and support was rewarded with a Readers’ Choice Award from InTents magazine (thanks again for voting for us!) and a RER Innovative Product Award for UnlockIt. We were also finalists for a Cloud Award and an HAE EHA award for Supplier of the Year.

As we focus on creating better software and a better world, the Point of Rental world continues to flourish. More than 300 companies joined the Point of Rental family by signing contracts or registering for Rental Essentials in 2018; 1100+ more climbed aboard with our PartyCAD and RentalTrax acquisitions.

In short, 2018 was a big year for us, and we’re looking forward to an EPIC 2019. How was your 2018? We love to hear about your successes – email us your story at [email protected].