How the NBA Utilizes Point of Rental Software for their Inventory Management

Everyone seems to be caught up in the NBA Finals frenzy, but we have inside knowledge that the NBA isn’t in a frenzy at all. In fact, the organization is keeping calm and all things accounted for by utilizing Point of Rental Essentials’ inventory management software to keep track of their trophies, basketballs, tablets, and equipment all over the country.

Companies such as the NBA and many more are finding major inefficiencies associated with lost or damaged items, buying new equipment just because it can’t be quickly located, and overbooking rooms or equipment for various events. Just think how much the Warriors may lose because they couldn’t find their A game last night in game 5!  All jokes aside, the costs associated with these processes are massive and as business increases, the inefficiencies surge along with it. That’s why many of these companies are turning to Point of Rental Essentials Software for inventory management to increase their productivity.

When you aren’t keeping accurate inventory counts, you’re losing. While we really don’t want to call anyone out, a certain player… cough* Draymond Green, demonstrated with an epic suspension in the critical moments of the game, just how important keeping track of fouls really is. Don’t let poor inventory management cost you the game. Unlike Green, our techs are going to help you win! (SO punny we know)

Accurately managing your inventory is a key component to reducing costs, improving efficiency and building long-term success. When it’s down to the wire, you need a teammate you can count on! We’re ready to suit up. It’s game time.