Good news heading into the weekend for our Rental Essentials customers: Your software just got upgraded! Some of the new features you’ll enjoy:

Mobile Payments

Payments are now more portable, allowing you to finish contracts away from the counter.

Our U.S. customers can take payments on any mobile device with Cayan Genius Mini. The Genius Mini connects to your device via Bluetooth or headphone jack and can accept Magstripe, EMV, and NFC/Digital payments.

Outside of the U.S., our mobile app has been updated to allow payments, including cash, check, other, or credit cards. Credit card payments will need to be entered manually or charged to an existing card, however.

Donation Tracking

It’s easier now to track what you’ve donated to whom – links to a customer’s transaction history appear on the Customer page now, even if the customer hasn’t spent anything at your store.

Set Required Fields

You can now determine what fields are required from employees when entering customer information, which allows managers to determine what data is most important for their business. This will be important for specialty businesses that might need information beyond what the system requires automatically.

…And More!

In addition to the changes above, we’ve revamped several small processes that will make Essentials easier to use and more efficient. You can make deliveries tax-free, let customers log in to their accounts with Facebook, and electronically sign any document. If you have a rate structure you no longer use, you can delete old ones instead of having to navigate through them. Default Invoice Notes can now be added.

The system now notifies you when you’re trying to write a contract that ends outside of your business’s hours. You’ll receive notifications when you’re trying to cancel a transaction, explaining why the transaction can’t be canceled. You can receive a notification at the email address of your choice when a customer signs a contract electronically. We’ve even added a few more help videos to our training library.

In short, Rental Essentials’ new update will have you working faster, making fewer mistakes, and help you understand your business more than ever before.