Today was a big day for Rental Essentials, as we continue to add features to enhance your rental experience. In fact, there are so many in this edition that we’re breaking the biggest three down in separate blog posts (we’ll add those soon). Here are the other significant upgrades to the software:

  • We added virtual items, which help when you’re using Rental Essentials as a point of sale system. The availability for these items will show an infinity symbol next to the item on your inventory list. It won’t actually generate infinite items, though, so you’ll still need to order them for your store. If you already have items you don’t need to track availability for, you can convert these items to virtual items if they’re unserialized.
  • If you’ve ever wanted to change the past, now you can. We’ve added the ability to back date receipts for items that were returned at the correct time but you didn’t have the time to enter into the system.
  • It’s easier to collect payments – you can request payments from customers without them having to log in.
  • We’ve updated our QuickBooks integrations – instead of sending just general ledger entries, Essentials will now send QuickBooks entities.
  • Contracts now print with barcodes, requiring only a scan of the document to find it in the system or within the phone app. If customers are using their phone to complete an order in your store, a QR code will appear with their reservation, which you can scan to pull up their order immediately.

It’s a great time to start using Rental Essentials! You can try our demo site for 14 days free, and if you like what you see, you’ll get another 14 days to tinker with your own site for free.