RAM equipment's excavators and lot.


RAM Equipment is an innovative, caring equipment dry hire* company based in Richmond, South Australia. They partner throughout the continent to serve civil, earthmoving, railway and pipe contractors, no matter where in Australia a job takes place. Michael Grace, the company’s Sales Director, has been with the company since its founding in 2014, helping grow it from a few pieces of equipment into a growing fleet of 120+ items in 2019.


As a startup, the company began tracking their data with online ERP software. As they grew, they began to notice its limitations – chiefly, they were frustrated with limited reporting and a lack of clarity on the company’s fleet and cost tracking. As they surveyed the landscape for software, RAM also needed a hire software with a Xero integration to properly manage their bookkeeping.


In 2018, after going through a trialling process with various software options Michael and RAM Equipment opted to implement Point of Rental’s Syrinx product. Because the conversion needed to occur quickly, RAM Equipment put the Point of Rental team to the test, asking for their data to be converted, new software set up, and team to be trained within two months.

RAM appreciated the team’s in-depth knowledge of both Syrinx and the hire industry – Point of Rental’s software trainers ensured the entire experience was seamless by being on hand as RAM went live, answering staff questions as they came up to ensure implementation went smoothly.

“After having exposure to a few software systems, I think that Syrinx was one of the easiest systems to get set up,” said Michael. “From a customer’s perspective, having a consultant that was able to provide detailed, no-fuss answers patiently and calmly was exceptional.”


RAM Equipment is able to maintain their commitment to sustainable innovation much more easily these days with Syrinx and Point of Rental. Because Syrinx plays a role in each aspect of a hire business’s operation, RAM has been able to automate processes throughout their offices and put them all within one system.

In the year since implementation, Syrinx has improved accuracy in reporting and cost tracking, making a world of difference in the company’s fleet shaping and office processes. Additional features like mobile apps and automatic texting to clients have helped the company provide better customer service as well.

“The clarity of information we’re able to get out of the system is really helping us make better long-term decisions,” said Michael. “With having 12 months of solid data in the system, we have the ability now to drill in on particular machines and groups of machines and figure out what’s working for us and what we need to move on from.”

That’s helped RAM live up to its promise of offering the latest technology from global leading brands, tested to meet the most rigorous specifications and safety standards to their customers throughout Australia.

If it were just about providing excellent software, that might be enough for Michael. But what he appreciates most about Point of Rental is the sense that the company is concerned about his needs and will do everything they can to assure he and RAM Equipment continue to be successful in the future.

“I would have absolutely no hesitation in recommending Point of Rental,” said Michael. “I’ve worked through a number of different software systems, and as far as having a support partner that listens to you, reacts when you need things to happen…I know that I’ve got backup and support with Point of Rental. I can reach out to them, I can give them feedback, and things happen. I’ve got a great network of people that will support me…I think it’s a wonderful company to work with.”

*Dry hire: Renting/hiring equipment without an operator. Wet hire, its counterpart, is when a hire business provides an operator with its equipment to sites.

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