Fulton Hogan equipment in action

Fulton Hogan was founded in 1933 in Dunedin, New Zealand. Since then, the company has grown to employ nearly 8,500 people across New Zealand, Australia and the South Pacific. New Zealand has two main business streams – Construction and Infrastructure. From humble beginnings, Fulton Hogan has become one of New Zealand’s largest civil contracting companies.


Fulton Hogan’s previous system was a very simple database, which required a lot of manual data entry. The system did not integrate efficiently with different areas of the business and left users feeling as if they were always playing catch-up. It became evident this system would no longer be supported by their existing vendor, so the need to find a long-term solution became paramount.


In 2019, Fulton Hogan found Point of Rental and their Syrinx product. From the initial consultations, it was clear that Point of Rental understood the requirements of the company and took their needs seriously. Using Syrinx has allowed Fulton Hogan to create a robust and easy-to-use system that offers great insights, capability, and growth despite its establishment in the middle of a pandemic.


For Alisha Peter, a Business Analyst at Fulton Hogan, Syrinx illustrated its versatility very quickly. The potential to implement the software across multiple locations and businesses meant they were able to create a “one stop shop”.

Rollout was very quick across their many locations despite COVID and its related lockdowns, thanks to the availability of remote training. Time spent on testing in the development process was instrumental in the success of delivering to the business.

Even though each Fulton Hogan location essentially operates as its own business within the wider company, Syrinx has shown it has the flexibility and capability to manage a workflow regardless of the size of the operation. All while delivering valuable insights and reporting.

“It’s giving us control to view all the necessary data to help us…make the best decisions,” said Murray Shadwell, Fulton Hogan’s Hire Manager in the Canterbury region. “It does what it says on the tin and a lot more – we’re only using a small portion of what the system is capable of doing.”

Interactions with the Support Team

Alisha summed up what it has been like to work with Point of Rental’s support team:

“Support has been pretty impressive, really outstanding.”

She went on to highlight the excellent response times, availability of team members, and the difference it makes to her own role. “It makes you feel like you’re not really on your own. If you have questions, you can put it out there. Should we need someone urgently, it’s of great comfort to know Point of Rental’s support team will be there.”


“Definitely take a serious look at Point of Rental and Syrinx … the value you get back, the information that it holds, is well worth the money.” – Murray Shadwell

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