Action Hire


Established in 1988, Action Hire is the longest trading hire company in the Southern Highlands In New South Wales. This family-owned business has developed into a major supplier of all things hire equipment, including a range of vehicle hire, tradespeople / civil contractors and DIY requirements. Action Hire provides 24-hour backup service for their customers, allowing them to shine as a leading force within the Australian hire industry.


Despite being so prominent within the industry, they were still doing things the old, manual way. Issues frequently arose with misplaced documents or data entry errors due to rekeying, creating accounting issues down the road. Action Hire was ready to adopt an easy technology-based system to replace their paper-based invoicing system.


Sales Manager Shane Wellings pored over the hire software options available within the Australian market and found that Point of Rental was the best fit in terms of cost and on-the-ground support. Syrinx’s features and scalability allow the software to support Action Hire as they continue to grow.


Since they started working with Point of Rental, the team at Action Hire are just plain able to do the things they need to be doing rather than chasing up paperwork, having unnecessary conversations, and trying to figure out what’s going on elsewhere.

They’re able to chase debtors up more easily and recover money they’re owed:

“I can track clients, track bad debtors, we can flag them, stop credit very easily,” “It gives you the whole story so you can put it all on one system so other people can read it – accounts can read it, our accountant can read the story and know why these bad debtors aren’t paying,” Shane said.

It’s made deliveries and pickups a breeze, while holding everyone accountable for damages:

“The Driver app is amazing. I can see where my drivers are, when they’re dropping off, the photos are in realtime, they come back to the system. I can print them, put them on invoices if I want to,” said Shane. “If there’s damages that they’re disputing, I can say, “Well, these are the photos on your site when it was dropped off – which I have done, by the way – and these are the photos when we picked it up.”

It’s helped them increase their cash customer base. They can more easily charge up-front since they’re not having to calculate costs of multiple items, price sheets, etc. And when customers come back with equipment, it’s just as easy to get the appropriate on-charges like excess kilometres, fuel, etc. According to Shane, “It’s probably cut us down 10 minutes on the end of a contract.” And with several contracts going out daily…well, Action Hire can spend time working on growth.

And Point of Rental helps there, too. With realtime data updates from satellite branches, Action Hire can operate out of places that are convenient for the jobs that are happening rather than depending on everything going through their single location. If they expand to more locations, they know the software can handle that as well.

When support has been needed, Shane noted that the Point of Rental training and support staff has been fantastic – Shane quickly felt comfortable training his Action Hire teammates in using the software.

All in all, Point of Rental has helped cut down heavily on the paperwork, getting Action Hire all on the same page. “Syrinx has sort of put [things] into a little bundle where it’s nice and easy to transfer the information back into our MYOB program,” said Shane. “It’s been a great program.”

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