At Point of Rental, we spend most of our time looking forward – to what we can do to improve ourselves, the rental industry, and the world. So as we’re about to swap out calendars (or, for most of us, about to watch our Google calendars change over) to 2020, we felt we ought to spend a little time doing a “year in review”. What did we do? How have we made an impact? How were we…

  • Hi, Africa! We moved into another continent. We established our first office in South Africa, which has already grown before we’ve even hit the six-month mark of being there.
  • Welcome aboard! 373 businesses joined the Point of Rental family in 2019. That’s a new place every day adding the ability to do more in less time, leaving them more time to do the things that they’re excited about (rather than trying to overcome their software).
  • Point of Rental 101! We’ve revamped our training process and database to make it easier for our new support Pointers to get up to speed and helping customers more effectively, earlier. And with 59 new Pointers this year, we sure are using it!
  • Hearing Voices! There are already podcasts to show off rental trends and highlight equipment. We launched one to showcase the people of Point of Rental and the rental industry as a whole – it’s an industry full of interesting people and we want to share their stories.
  • Point of Rental ONE! This will be the app that unites our mobile offerings as we continue to build it out. Right now, it’s introducing intra-company messaging, so you can always connect with one another without a phone number exchange or tying up the office line. A couple of apps are connected now, but eventually you’ll be able to access all of your Point of Rental software via ONE.
  • Sprint updates! It’s not just Essentials – now all of our software is getting updated in 2-3 week cycles to ensure Point of Rental users always have the newest, most innovative features.
  • Pointing the Way! Our employee-based charitable giving group provided more than a thousand pounds of food and 100 toys to local charities, raised funds for still other charities, spent more than 300 hours teaching local children to read, and donated supplies to schools in developing nations.
  • EPIC Awards! We celebrated our customers’ EPIC nature as well, learning of incredible community service endeavors, employee empowerment, innovations, and exciting projects.

We also launched a new worldwide website, which includes more language options than before and looks better than ever. In addition to adding our South African office, we renovated our U.K. office and moved to a new HQ in the U.S., giving us the ability to continue to grow our team to provide the support and innovation our customers expect. We’ve increased our internal communication, across our worldwide offices and our departments, and we’re set to make 2020 (and each ensuing year) the best year to be part of the Point of Rental family!