Point of Rental's v2019 update for Expert and Elite is available!

Point of Rental’s Expert, Elite v2019 Released

Point of Rental’s newest editions of their Rental Expert and Elite software will be arriving much more frequently starting with version 2019. Every two to three weeks, user-suggested improvements and new, innovative features will be implemented and available to all users.

“We’re able to implement features so much more quickly now,” said Director of Product Development David Jensen. “By switching to sprint cycles, Point of Rental users will always have access to the newest features and best possible rental software experience.”

Version 2019 contains dozens of enhancements based on user submissions, like continuation billing templates, so users can customize different billing scenarios. Users can now create Parts Items, which allow for serialized, fractional, and labor Parts Items. Damage waiver percentages can now be set by customer. On work orders or repair contracts, users receive notifications if their equipment is still under warranty. There are new multi-currency and multi-language features. Purchase orders are easier. 

The new EquipmentWatch integration allows users to update their item specs with data provided by EquipmentWatch, based on the item’s manufacturer and model number. That makes for quick and easy research when customers need to know critical details – size, power, etc. – of available equipment. Expert and Elite users can see all of the newly-implemented features in the NetHelp section of their software.

Find out more about how Point of Rental is keeping its users at the forefront of rental software by contacting Point of Rental at 844-943-7368 or [email protected].

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