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I currently have a counter system that I would like to replace. Will you be able to import data from it into your Point-of-Rental® system?
Most likely. We currently have the ability to electronically import customers, inventory and in some cases more information from Solutions by Computer (SBC) Counter Pro® and Enfinity®, Computer Ease Windows and Unix versions, Alert Easy Pro, Data Rental, UAS, JK Data Express, Marketline Data Rental, and QuickBooks POS. We also have Microsoft Excel Templates to allow easy entry of customers and items. If your current system has an export feature, you can submit comma delimited text files. If all else fails, you can ship us print-outs and we will manually enter data.
If I have my own hardware, can I just purchase Point-of-Rental® software?
Yes. If you already have a server running the Windows® 2003/2008/2012 Server operating system, our multi-user version of Point-of-Rental® software can generally be installed onto it. If you think your server may have insufficient resources, please call and discuss your situation with our IT department at 800-944-7368. The multi-user version can use any PC running Windows® or Mac for terminals. We also have a single-user version that runs on Windows®.
What kind of support service do you provide?
We offer live toll free telephone support and if you have high-speed Internet we can remotely connect to your system to assist you directly. All systems come with a 90 day subscription to our software support services. After that, a monthly or discounted annual support option is available or you can choose per-call support. Customers subscribing to our support services receive software updates at no additional charge. These are issued at least yearly and always introduce new features. Per-call customers have the option of separately purchasing Point-of-Rental® System software updates.
What are my training options?
Training dates will be finalized only after your customers and inventory have been entered into your system. This is so that you and your employees can be trained using customers and inventory you are most familiar with… your own! For smaller single location stores, training is generally scheduled for two days. For large, multi-location operations training plan on two to three days per location. Training can be at our facilities near the Dallas – Fort Worth (TX) International airport (DFW) or, optionally, at your location.
How scalable is your Point-of-Rental® system?  How many stores and terminals can you support?
Our rental software system is capable of growing to virtually unlimited scale. We have many customers with up to 20 locations and 100+ terminals. But, that is nowhere near the limit. Depending on hardware, environment, and network configuration many more users could access the system from hundreds of locations.
What type of peripherals such as scanners, printers, etc. do you support?
We print to almost any Windows® capable printer. Other peripherals we interface to include OCR Driver’s license scanners that simultaneously read and image driver license information, magnetic stripe readers for credit cards, bar code readers, signature capture devices and wireless laptops via the Internet.
Do you have a list of stores using Point-of-Rental® Systems in my area?
Most likely, yes. We have systems in 46 US states, Canada, four other North American countries and South Africa. To request this list and a literature packet, please call us at 800-944-7368 or fill in the form on this site on the Literature/Brochures page.
How long does it take to implement?
Once we’ve received your order and your database of Customers and Inventory is built, typically you can be training then crossing over from either another rental management system or from handwriting contracts within two to three weeks.
Do you have a brochure that you can send me?
Please click here to visit our Literature Request page.
Do you have a list of features of your system?
Please click here to visit our Literature Request page.
Will you be at upcoming rental shows?
Please click here to visit our News & Events  page.


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