The new Contract Fulfillment module provides your rental business with streamlined mobility and productivity. Facilitating real-time contract processing with the flexibility of mobile tablet devices, this module replaces load slips and prep reports to save time and money.

Now, even out in the yard or warehouse, the process to view existing contracts and filter by any field is as simple as selecting a few categories on your touchscreen. Once a contract is selected, the team can then mark all items as prepped or individually assess each line item. You can also select returning orders and “eyeball in” items, which will designate that it has not been physically counted or choose “count in”.

With this module, it’s easy to document shortages or damages, as well as view hour meter readings and fuel usage. The item files can be customized with these readings to automatically notify your counter staff of overage billing. While the wireless capabilities allow warehouse staff to create notes that are communicated in real-time to your counter staff. Immediate updates mean you’ll reduce customer wait time and details won’t be missed in the paper shuffle, allowing you to recover costs associated with loss, misuse, abuse, or negligence.

These are just a few of the time and cost saving features available with Contract Fulfillment. To find out more about how this exciting new module will give your rental operations a new innovative advantage, please contact us at 800-944-RENT.