Advanced Operations

Perfect for advanced rental businesses looking to optimize complex operations

Advanced Operations

Rental Expert is the gold standard of the rental software industry, earning awards annually with new, innovative features. Point of Rental customers love its easy-to-use Windows interface and its ability to handle everything a rental business needs, whether it’s one store or fifty. And the customer service is second to none.

  • Manages every aspect of a rental business
  • Easy-to-use, with exclusive features
  • Automates purchasing processes
  • Identifies business growth
  • Automatic invoicing cuts hours spent on billing
  • 24/7 support from POR's rental experts

Designed to Fit Your Industry

We have Expert users in the events & tents, tool, equipment, lift & access, sanitation, and many other industries. With 500+ years of rental experience within the company, our customers know Point of Rental provides software that’s going to help them outperform the competition.

Powerful Applications

AR Manager

The Accounts Receivable Manager organizes your collection agent's daily workflow. Customers can be assigned to agents, agents log their commun­ications, and follow-up actions can be scheduled. By using the AR Manger and its tools, important information is immediately available to users and managers, simplifying the collections process.

Credit Card Interface

Speed up your credit card processing and eliminate errors with PayWare Connect Payment Gateway and VeriFone® terminals. These use end­to-end encryption and card-based tokenization, which substitutes values as pointers to the encrypted information so credit card data never enters the rental software. Instead, a number is sent to the merchant's Point of Rental software for follow-on charges or refunds.


Configure commission calculations such as item category, customer, salesperson and type of sale such as rental, retail merchandise, asset sale, damage waiver, etc. You may also choose to pay sales people (contract close or paid in full} or adjust commissions based on days to pay, encouraging sales staff to assist in the accounts receivable process.

Time Clock

Why have separate time clock software? Time Clock allows employees to clock in and out and review their entries, while giving management the ability to correct errors. Employees who only use Point of Rental for time clock entries can be defined, eliminating access to any other parts of the software. This feature computes regular and overtime hours and can send that information to ADP and other payroll processors.

Data Management

You can import predefined data and updated data from a spreadsheet back into your Point of Rental software. Export records from the system to a spreadsheet directly in the Lookup Screen or use the Export Tool to easily filter your results before sending them to the spreadsheet. You can then modify your data in the spreadsheet and import any changes back into your system.


Define the daily work schedules of your employees while giving them the freedom to view, print, email, and import their schedules into third party calendar apps. Employees can request time off and swap shifts with other employees, notifying their manager they'll need to approve or deny the request. This tool can generate all work shifts based on templates for the whole company, a specific store, shift, or employee group.

Communication Automation

Email statements en masse directly to customers without user intervention. Send closed contracts to your customer automatically on the date the contract is closed. Generate automatic sending reports on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis. From Day at a Glance, you'll even be able to send letters like reservation reminders and demands for return.


Allows each user to define reports most valuable for their job, such as, ROI, equipment utilization, account customer percentages, or many others. Dashboard includes three dashboards with up to four user-defined metrics, with additional dashboards available as an add-on.

Multi-Location Inventory

Allows inventory to be located beyond the store, typically in warehouses or service trucks. Inven­tory can be transferred between your stores and inventory locations so you're always sure what's available in the warehouse. Additionally, you'll be able to generate reports showing your inventory available at each location. MLI handles only inventory and does not support separate Totals, Cash Drawers or Receivables.

Purchase Orders

Purchase Orders integrate with the inventory file for ordering and receiving items. With easy tracking of the entire purchase process and automatic updates of inventory quantity when items on POs have been received, Purchase Orders extends the usual features of purchase order software. At any stage of the process, you'll be able to directly email or print your purchase orders.


Manage your shipping information easily! You'll be able to check it directly from your counter system or email information and a tracking link by integrating with UPS or FedEx Shipping Manager. Point of Rental keeps the shipping information and tracking status current. You'll also get a report that shows your shipping costs per contract.

Partner Integrations

Need advanced insight? We integrate with industry-leading software to ensure Rental Expert is helping your business in every way we can.

Inspection App

The Inspection App allows you to harness the power of your mobile devices. Managers create or add templates, which include standard inspection requirements for each piece of equipment they have. Templates can be used on multiple items and nested within each other - you can create a template for checking tires and then apply it to all vehicles with tires, as part of each vehicle's overall inspection checklist.

Mobile Workforce

MWF gives workers the mobility to update contract related information, clock in and out, send out delivery and pickup notifications, access dispatch routes, and much more in real time, without needing full access to the system. This app continuously evolves with new features and functionality to give the user the best possible experience. Mobile Workforce's power is enhanced by pairing it with Dispatch Center.

Dispatch Center

Efficiently route delivery, pickup and serviced vehicles by seamlessly interfacing Point of Rental transactions with Bing Maps and optional GPS services. Dispatchers can assign drivers and crew, track fuel costs, view the anticipated weight of the load and estimate time parameters for each stop. Non-contract based stops can be defined to schedule driver and crew lunches, trips to the hardware store, or any other place the truck needs to stop.

Customer Rewards

Reward your loyal customers - choose a percentage reward on rentals, sales and/or asset sales.

Rental eSign

Go paperless at the front counter and save your staff the trouble of filing and rifling through files to try to find signatures on old contracts. With Rental eSign, you're able to collect signatures instantly via a tablet at your counter (eSign Counter) or from anywhere, via email (eSign Remote). Signatures are stored in Expert and organized for easy location in the future.

Contract Fulfillment

Contract Fulfillment replaces the prep report and load slip paperwork, making it easy to fill contracts accurately and efficiently. It gives you the flexibility to use mobile devices for your preppers and truck loaders. When contract modifications are made, such as item additions, subtractions, and removals, the Action Status indicates the change.

Customer Portal

Provide preferred customers protected access to their account information, giving them the ability to see their current balance, last payment amount, date and past due amounts without calling your office. Quotes, Reservations, On Rent Contracts, Invoices and Statements can all be viewed and printed.

Website Hosting

Item rates, pictures, specifications and instruc­tions are automatically uploaded to your website. Full shopping cart functionality allows for online rental quotes to be imported into Point of Rental. This feature also has mobile options that provide optimization across any device.


Rentals Come and Go, but Relationships Endure at South St. Paul’s ABC Rentals

“Point of Rental has always come through for us.”

Tim Kellner, ABC Rental & Mini Stroage

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Garrett Shurling, Badger Rental Services

Badger Rental Services in Garden City, Ga. loves how they're still on ahead of the competition with software they've had for 20+ years.

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Ben Barker, Bristol Rent-All


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