Rental Essentials’ new updates are all about the user experience, making our cloud-based software more accessible, easier to use, and overall a more delightful part of your workday.

You might notice some new icons in the Workbench. That’s because we’ve added multi-byte characters throughout the app, allowing you to use them in reports and tags. Whether you’re using a foreign language or emoji, you’ll now be able to communicate more efficiently within Essentials.

What are tags?


The updated Workbench view gives you the ability to see tags for each transaction. You can create as many tags as you want, customized for your business. Tags can be color-coded and attached to inventory items, customers, and individual transactions, enabling you to see the information you need immediately.

We’ve also simplified the contract and payment process. Instead of sending an email for the customer to sign off on the contract, followed by another email to receive the payment, you’ll be able to send one email to get the contract signed and paid.


Speaking of payments, we’ve added several options when collecting payments and providing refunds. Now, if you’re refunding a card besides the one used for the rental deposit, you’ll be able to select which card to refund – you’ll even be able to see exactly how much you’ve collected on each card when making selections. Account customers can pay multiple invoices at once, too.

You’re now able to customize your email server settings, allowing emails sent through Essentials to appear as sent in your email client (without the need for BCCs). You can modify the default text in your emails as well, using the Configuration and Custom Email Inserts.

There are more than a dozen other tweaks and enhancements you’ll find in the release notes for this cycle. Remember, we make our updates based on customer suggestions – if you have an idea that will make Essentials better, let us know about it using the light bulb icon in the upper right corner of your Essentials software.