It’s beginning to feel a lot like Christmas here at Point-of-Rental – you walk down the hall and may hear Earl singing his favorite carol (God Rest Ye Merry Gentleman, of course), the salesmen have visions of “demos” dancing in their heads, and even David has a grin on his face every day. We bet you’re thinking, “How in the world did you get him to do that?”

Well, we wish we knew the answer to why he’s so happy, but… we actually don’t. Perhaps it was the fact that Santa made an appearance at the Point-of-Rental family Christmas party last Sunday (more details and photos of that to come in a later blog post). Or maybe he is just elated that this year, the Community Involvement Committee chose to adopt three children, Jemiel, Kelly, and Damien, from the Salvation Army Angel Tree program and give employees the opportunity to provide them with necessities and gifts for Christmas.

If you’re not aware of what the Angel Tree Program does, donors fulfill the Christmas needs and wishes of nearly 60,000 individuals each year (to read more about the program/The Salvation Army, click here).

We are new to the Point-of-Rental family, as we’ve both been here about four months, but we were so impressed by the incredible amount of generosity that employees showed for this cause. In a three-week span of collecting donations, any expectations we had were exceeded and the true spirit of Christmas was evident as staff members banded together and contributed to the cause.

Because of the participation of the employees, we were able to donate four large bags for the children – Each child received necessities such as a nice warm coat, socks, shoes, pants, shirts, and underwear/diapers, as well as a few fun things like toys & sports equipment! In total, gave 37 gifts.

Like you, we all celebrate this season, listen to the holiday tunes, and run in and out of the malls shopping, trying to check off this and that on our lists. If you want to experience this season in the fullest, however, we’ve found that the deepest joy lies in giving and providing for those that may not have a Christmas. We hope that you get the opportunity, like we have, to give back or reach out to someone in need this holiday season. After all, Santa is watching, isn’t he?

We hope you have a joyous Christmas holiday,

– Frances & Alexa