June: It’s a great month for cookouts, championship series, and another Rental Essentials update.

So what’s new?

More integration! Your customers can now log in to the customer storefront via Facebook as well, eliminating the need to create a username and password (and try to remember it). You’ll be able to map out addresses with Google Maps directly in the software. Just click on the icon next to the address.

More app functionality! You can now mark damage, maintenance, and losses within the Rental Essentials app.

More subrenting options! Before this update, you could only subrent unserialized items. Now you can also subrent serialized items, making it possible to subrent anything now.

Better user experience! When you enter a customer’s information into the system to begin a system, their recent contracts will appear in a list before you create a new one. You’ll also be able to modify tax rates in one click from the tax configuration menu.

Better guidance! Sometimes people collect payments before issuing an invoice. Now, when you’re attempting to issue an invoice, Essentials notices when you’ve accepted a payment and asks you if you want to create the invoice for the payment that’s already been made.

We’ve also added help videos throughout the application. Find them by using the Help buttons in the top right hand corner of screens within the software.

Try these and Essentials’ other features free for 14 days with our pre-loaded demo site (no credit card required). If you like what you see, join Essentials and we’ll give you another 14 days to get your site running the way you want it, on the house.