This week’s spotlight is Mark Jordan, Point-of-Rental’s Western Regional Sales Manager.

Mark graduated from Indiana University with a degree in Elementary Education and the expectation to teach; however, the rental industry found him in his last semester before graduation. At that time, Mark and his wife were getting married so he went to talk with the owner of Ellis Tents and Events in Bloomington, Indiana about the upcoming wedding and ended up walking away with a job. A job he thought would have just been a summer job, ended up growing into a passion for rental and he worked there for 10 years gaining an understanding and insight into the rental industry. When Point-of-Rental called, he jumped at the chance to use this knowledge to help other rental companies and moved to Dallas, Texas to work in sales with Point-of-Rental. Mark has been with Point-of-Rental for over two years and is an essential member of the team, adding to our expertise in rental to help customers do business.

Mark’s personal mission is to help make the companies that purchase our product run easier and more efficiently.