This week’s spotlight is on Jason Albus, Point-of-Rental’s Systems Engineer, or in his words, “Any title that makes sense without too many slashes to describe the developer/company director combination of responsibilities I have.”

With degrees in both Information  Systems Management and Software Development, Jason joined Point-of-Rental in 2003 as an IT Support Technician. As our IT staff grew, he transitioned to manager of IT Support and then eventually into software development.

Jason’s first software project was to automate the process of updating our customers’ servers with the latest programs and report files. Since then, Jason has been instrumental in designing many system features including our Business Intelligence Dashboard Module, which provides visual displays for key metric data, and our Dispatch Center Logistics Module, which integrates GPS technology to manage delivery and service fleets. His most recent addition to our product line is the Mobile Workforce App, which allows workers to update contract-related information in real-time from their mobile phone or tablet without running Counter System or a Remote Desktop.

In his spare time, Jason enjoys working from home, running, and fixing things. An interesting fact about Jason is that he once captained a cardboard boat he constructed in a competition, and when he began losing the race, he purposely sank the boat in order to win the best sinking award.

Jason’s Personal Mission: “To leave no stone unturned when solving customer issues and overcome all technical hurdles when creating new products and features that enhance our customer’s success.”