Last update, we focused on improving your experience as an Essentials user. In this Essentials mini-update, we’re enhancing the experience for your customers, creating a process that’s as simple and automated as possible.

You’ll now be able to get more information than the special requests field used to handle – we’re adding the ability to record up to 10 Q&As for each transaction. Questions can be included on contracts or posted on your online store and will allow customers to provide the answers you’ll need to satisfy their requests.

Speaking of online customers, online storefront requests can now automatically be converted to reservations if you select that option. This option will especially be useful for internal transfers, as it automatically overrides the “% to reserve” setting and allows requests to become reservations immediately, without payment. You can still request payment in full using the current process, if necessary.

Finally, for our users that serve European customers, and are therefore subject to GDPR regulations, we’re adding an opt-in field to the account creation page. This will allow your customers to opt in to your marketing communications. When you export your customers to your email client, you’ll be able to see which ones have opted to see marketing emails. Then you can email without having to worry about GDPR penalties.

In summary, you can now learn more about your customers, take reservations faster, and practice safe marketing with Rental Essentials. You can try out these features and thousands of others free for 14 days by signing up for a free trial now.