This time, it’s for real: Oct. 29, 2021 marks the final day of legendary implementation specialist Earl Sherman’s long tenure at Point of Rental, as he officially retires on his birthday, Oct. 31.

As Earl’s never really been one to celebrate himself, we thought we’d highlight some of the changes that have happened during the 1,142,409,600 seconds that have passed since he joined Point of Rental back in August 1985.

 Table showing POR growth from 1985 to 2021

The world has changed a lot since Earl joined us as well. Let’s see what the world looked like when Earl joined the rental industry:

  • Much of Europe was still part of the USSR and Germany was split into two countries.
  • The Channel Tunnel had yet to be built.
  • Microsoft was still a private company and Windows had not yet been released.
  • There was no World Wide Web, much less cloud software.
  • Now-ubiquitous things like The Simpsons and Starbucks didn’t exist.
  • Neighbours (Australia) and EastEnders (UK) were in the midst of their first seasons.
  • For our Canadian friends, the Loonie had not yet been introduced.
  • If you thought Point of Rental grew a lot…the world has added more than 3 billion people since Earl started at Point of Rental (4.83 billion then to 7.87 billion now)


Through all the changes, Earl has been a rock for Point of Rental customers and employees, providing extensive knowledge and a humble, self-deprecating attitude we all enjoyed.

The world and Point of Rental have grown immensely since Earl joined us 36 years ago. He’s influenced hundreds, if not thousands, of lives over the years, and we’re all excited for him as he takes his energy and enthusiasm on to the next stage of his life.

But it’s impossible to quantify someone like Earl or his impact on others by rattling off a series of numbers. We had some of our team tell us about their favorite Earl memories for his 35th anniversary in the video below; we hope you’ll add your best Earl memories on our social media feeds or email them to [email protected].

Earl 35th Anniversary – Public from Point of Rental Software on Vimeo.