Customer service is the foundation to any successful business. Even with the best products out there, without exceptional customer service, odds are the company won’t survive long-term. Customer service goes beyond doing what is necessary for a customer to truly caring about the customer, their business, and the people around you.

At Point-of-Rental, that’s our lifeblood. We recognize that no matter how great our software is, our business depends on how well we care for our customers. In our offices, our wall says, “Customer service isn’t a department, it’s an attitude.” That’s why our own Frances Ellison, Customer Service Guru Extraordinaire, sends out weekly emails to our entire staff with tips for keeping a good attitude.

  • How do you deal with customers and colleagues? Positivity, a good work ethic and kindness are three attitudes that can ensure great customer service and an uplifting work environment. Staying positive even in the midst of a stressful day can seem hard, but it is a practiced art. You are in control of your emotions and staying positive doesn’t only affect the people you are around, but it also will make you happier!
  • Do you treat colleagues with kindness, respect, and make an honest effort to build rapport? When you are genuine and show interest in the people around you, it creates an uplifting work environment – making it a happier place for you to work and customers can tell the difference even over the phone!
  • You are a consistent source of capabilities and people count on you, so take pride in the work that you do and provide the best service you can! When you are thorough in meeting your customers’ needs, it shows in their perception of your work ethic and your character. Using the right tools is an important part of being able to provide the best customer service. Streamlining contract fulfillment processes, web to store services, and dispatch activities, reduces wait time and increases efficiency, accuracy and overall customer satisfaction. If you haven’t found the best software to fit your needs, check out Five Questions to Ask Before Choosing a Software.

You will find that if you can truly enjoy what you do, are a professional, and believe that you contribute to a team effort, you will enjoy happiness in your work life while at the same time provide exceptional customer service!

We’d love to hear what customer service tips your company has. Feel free to comment below.