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In 2016 Adams Party Rental planned a complete website re-design. Combining the efforts of Andre, his team and our Australia based creative director, we achieved a fabulous design makeover. The ability to automatically update daily changes to the online catalog is tremendous. The website flows well, works fast and is easy for customers to navigate and generate quotes. More than a quarter of our quotation requests are now generated through the website. The entire project has contributed to our reputation (and image) as a professional organization. Thank you Andre and the Rental Hosting team!

- Alithea D, Adams Party Rental

We have been working with POR and their website team since 2012. A contributing factor in deciding to go with POR and their website team was the integrated online catalog features. In our rental industry, our inventory is ever changing and evolving. As soon as we add or remove a product, it is automatically updated on our website. We constantly receive positive feedback on our website from both our private and corporate clients. Our clients like the look of our website and find it easy to use. The shopping cart feature on the website saves our clients and us time. We are able to respond quickly to a client’s request. It also provides us with continual sales leads. We have seen a significant increase in our web and telephone sales since launching our integrated POR based website. The website team is incredibly helpful and knowledgeable! They are always ready and willing to explain the process. They are open to ideas and creative suggestions.

- Sarah W, Taylor Rental / Party Plus

Having an integrated online catalog which updates each day is not only important but essential. Previously, our website was not fully integrated into our Point-of-Sale system and was managed independently which made it very complicated and cumbersome. Customers are definitely using our website more effectively. And we get a lot of compliments on our website on how clean and professional it looks.

- Bob K, Star Rentals

I love that our website is automatically updated every day from the info we put in POR! Our customers often mention they were on our website plus they compliment they like it. Probably the most important benefit is we perform well on search engine’s when people are searching for items on the web that we offer. Lastly, the website team has always been very helpful in the design and accommodating changes we need as we grow and change.

- Chase D, ChaseCo Equipment Rental & Sales

Prior to having the Point of Rental System and the integrated website, we were spending a lot of time entering new equipment into our inventory and then entering it again on our old web site. Now, we enter it once in Point of Rental and it’s done. Our store can immediately rent it out, our customers can see it on the website, and I can print a new price book. It’s a huge time saver! Our customers mention our website when they call & when they come in. They tell us how easy it is to navigate & how easy it is to find the information they need. Because our customers get so much information from our website, we are spending much less time on the phone describing equipment details, rates, etc. This helps to free up our staff for other duties. We just finished our first full calendar year using Point of Rental and the integrated website. We had our most successful year ever! If not for the two products, we would not be where we are today!

- Mary S, Oakdale Rental Center

After having experienced an integrated website, I would not have one any other way. The fact that it updates all changes every day from our POR system keeps the site accurate and up to date automatically, saving time, effort, and eliminating the worry of mistakes. We have customers on the phone with us while they are on the website making it much easier for our counter people to get the right piece of equipment in their hands. Quite often they have already done their homework from the information available on our site. The ability for our customers to log into their accounts and view and print open and closed invoices, statements, items on rent lists, makes it available 24 hours a day and can save them calling us for that information. We are finding through google analytics that our mobile website now has over 50% of our internet presence, so having a website that is optimized for phones and tablets is a must. Andre and his team have met and exceeded my expectations and continue to be a valuable resource, providing us with information that we can use to move forward on all aspects of our on-line presence.

- Aldo S, A & B Tool Rentals

Andre and his team at RentalHosting.com have been great to work with and have helped us develop a top notch website. Before the crew at RentalHosting.com, I was managing several different databases to handle what was on the website and what was on our Point of Rental system, to make sure the information was matching and current. Now I no longer have to worry about it. What is on Point of Rental shows up on my website saving me time and ultimately money.

- Dave S, Aurora Rents

Having our website integrated with our POR System has been extremely helpful when it comes to efficiency and keeping everything organized and cohesive. Knowing that every night, our website is automatically updating gives us one less thing to worry about after we clock out! The Web Quote Import saves us tons of time and allows our customer to shop online at their pace. Our customers mention how amazing our website is and super easy to use. Our customers mention it outside our showroom too, for example, when we participate at bridal shows or when we attend events. Search Engine Optimization is crucial for our business. The backend of our website has been so well built, that we consistently place in the top three search results on searches. It has increased our visibility among possible customers, which in turn has increased our business.

- Eric L. & Maribel C, Williams Party

My experience with the RentalHosting.com Web Team was a 10 out of 10. Friendly, knowledgeable staff that was able to demystify Websites and put it in simple terms for me. As they say you don’t get a second chance at a first impression and in the Rental Business….our website is often the first interaction our customers have with our business. It is hard to quantify the impact a website has….however I can tell you within days of us upgrading our website, volume on assets we profiled increased as did direct positive feedback from customers about our website. RentalHosting.com has been an integral part of our business and I consider them a strategic partner. I would highly recommend both their product and staff. P.S. Bryn is a super star!

- Todd M, PG Rental Centre

Our POR integrated website has proven vital to our marketing efforts. Our customers love the fact that they can get detailed information on our inventory including specifications and rates. Customers regularly use the online quote request feature and the best part is that our staff utilizes the time saving Web Quote Import to move these requests to our counter system. We also have many customers call to reserve items and comment that they have been on our website and know what they want….this saves our counter staff time on the phone. My favorite feature of our integrated website is the fact that if I add an inventory item, change rates, update item pictures, or change a spec. in our counter system, it is automatically uploaded to our website, no extra step on my part. The support we have gotten from Andre & Bryn has been exceptional, they are prompt and responsive to our needs. Their support has been the “icing on the cake” so to speak of valuable partnership we have with rentalhosting.com.

- Jeff B, Equipment Rentals Inc.

The POR integrated website catalog is extremely easy to use and keep current. We didn’t have a website before having the POR website, but I can’t imagine why you would have a website from another vendor! It is so seamless! Not a day goes by that we or our potential customers don’t use the website! Our customers regularly compliment us on our website. We use the Web Quote Import feature daily. There are many instances when we are on the phone and the POR website at the same time with our customers. In those situations, it is nice to know that customers are seeing the same information as we are describing on the phone. The Web Quote Import feature allows us to respond extremely fast to requests which in return leads to reservations. The time we spend on the phone with customers is definitely reduced. The website import feature allows us to add customer information to our database quickly and accurately. More customers, existing and new, are finding our website each day. We know the website is being used on mobile phones! It is great that customers have access to equipment instructions and videos of our equipment on the go! We have been very impressed with how well our website shows up in search results. Andre and Bryn know their magic! Although it is hard to quantify the increased business we have had because of our website, I don’t think we would have been as successful as we have been without the site.

- Jonathan, Hejny Rental

When we launched our integrated website in 2010, we saw an immediate increase in business. Being the new rental business in town at the time, people who had never heard of us were calling and emailing to make reservations. Within 2 months, we were ranked on the first page of Google’s organic search for most rental categories in our service area, with no effort on our part. The SEO is built into the website, making it as easy as possible. Having a website that automatically updates from POR has made operating our website completely hands off. It allows me to focus entirely on the business and not have worry about incorrect pricing or inventory on the website. Every time you change something File Maintenance, the change is reflected on the website the next morning. Prior to this, I would have to spend a weeks worth of time each year to update the website, and if we added an item during the year, it typically didn’t get on the website until the following winter. Customers like the fact that they can check item rates and request quotes directly from the website. When a customer requests a quote online, we can import that information directly in to POR making the quoting process even quicker. From the time of inquiry, we have typically booked the client within 24 hours, and sometimes within the hour. For website inquiries, it has probably cut customer interaction time in half.

- Joe G, Coastal Rentals

This was our first website for our rental company. As I was looking at websites for other rental companies as I scrolled to the bottom, I realized all the best looking and easy to use websites had been set up by Rental Hosting. That honestly was the reason we went to POR was to get the site, with that being said it has been a great move on the programming side along with the website. In our peak season, we really don’t have time to even grab lunch some days let alone try and update and organize a website, knowing when we change a price or picture, add a new item or remove something it will be done for us is a huge piece of mind, nothing worse than having a customer find inaccurate data and calling you out on the mistake. We have had a lot of positive feedback on the layout and ease of use, the mobile format seems to be the most used as everyone is on a phone these days. Its very clean and easy to navigate. The web quote feature works so well and saves us a ton of time as the customer is doing work for us putting in the needed info and all we have to do is convert to a reservation after following up, they love when we call right away with a followup! My monthly report shows more web traffic, with the use of key words and SEO we are gaining business from areas we haven’t done any prior advertising in the past showing us the room for us to grow. The fee for the site is way less compared to radio/paper advertising. We are one year with POR and Rental Hosting, my only regret is not switching years ago. We have undoubtedly seen a growth from the website and it has given us a much more professional look. Thanks to the team at Rental Hosting for doing such a Great Job!

- Chris K, Ace Rental

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