Mobile Workforce

Your delivery and sales teams can travel anywhere at any time, and it’s important to get information back to the office quickly. That’s where Mobile Workforce comes in, connecting your remote employees to Point of Rental’s system as they take care of business.

Why Use Mobile Workforce?

Capture Signatures On-Site

Use internet-connected devices to collect signatures on delivery. Signatures are legally binding, connected instantly to contracts, and stored digitally.

Free Up Your Phones

No need to call into the office and wait to get transferred to the right person or wait for the dispatcher to return to their desk. Update in the system and move to the next.

Track Maintenance

Increase customer satisfaction by being able to take care of routine maintenance on-site instead of having to swap out equipment or take it back to the shop.

Make Sales

Active contracts and customer contact info is accessible anywhere by your mobile sales team, making them the most in-tune rep that customers will see.

Key Features

Log Calls

If your driver or technicians make calls to customers while in the field, they can log those calls and keep the office in the loop without requiring an end of day call.

Map Integrations

Mobile Workforce works with the map applications on your phone, so when you’re looking at a contract, you can automatically place it on the map and route.

Condition Photos

Reduce disputes and maintain accurate equipment condition logs. Take photos of equipment when delivering and picking up for easy reference.

Clock In/Out

Use Mobile Workforce’s clock in/ out feature to allow employees to clock in when they are at their truck and out when they are done or going on a break.

Defined Roles

You can determine what menus and tasks each employee using Mobile Workforce can perform. Everyone’s only touching the part of the software they need.


To enhance your experience, Schedule and Route can be sent from Dispatch Center to Mobile Workforce and delivery and pick up notifications can be sent back. Track each item on the contract through the fulfillment process with the Fulfillment Module.

See Mobile Workforce In Action!

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