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Rental Essentials and Cayan Genius Mini make mobile payments easy.

Rental Essentials Takes First Mobile Payments for Rentals

Point of Rental Essentials has blazed another trail for the rental industry, partnering with Cayan® and their Genius Mini product to provide rental stores with the ability to take payments anywhere. Genius Mini is a semi-integrated mobile payment solution that allows any business to deliver a unified commerce experience to their customers wherever they are – on the road, in the aisle, at the table or wherever there’s a cellular or Wi-Fi connection. Genius Mini supports the growing trend of businesses embracing mobile tablet POS systems and can accept all payment types including EMV®/chip cards, NFC and magstripe.

“We’re proud to work with Cayan as we push to keep our customers ahead of their competition,” said VP of Cloud Products Evan Fort. “Genius Mini enables businesses to eliminate limits on not only where they can accept payment, but how they can accept payment as well.”

In the ever-evolving world of rental, where customer expectations are always increasing, business owners are looking to innovate both their business models and their customer experience. Genius Mini and Rental Essentials give businesses the freedom to do business in new and interesting ways, like running pop-up stores, in-home services, or even creating more personal shopping experiences like in-aisle or on-site checkout.

Genius Mini works securely, using point-to-point encryption and tokenization to deliver enhanced security right out-of-the-box while reducing PCI scope. With just one small device, connected to a tablet or phone via audio jack or Bluetooth®, businesses can accept all payment types including EMV®/chip cards, mobile payments like Apple Pay, Android Pay and Samsung Pay, in addition to traditional magstripe credit cards, and debit cards.

Rental Essentials users in the United States can add Genius Mini’s features by contacting Cayan at 888-249-3220; a future rollout of this service to other countries is planned. Find out more by emailing [email protected] or call 855-568-7368.

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