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Attendees of the Point of Rental International Conference went green, talking circularity and other things.

Ideas Blossom at Point of Rental International Conference

FORT WORTH, Texas — Roughly 200 rental experts went green in the Dallas-Fort Worth area from Nov. 10-13, focusing on enhancing efficiencies in their business, reducing waste, and discussing rental’s role in the circular economy. 

Designed for Point of Rental users to network with rental professionals from throughout the world, the International Conference provides software education, one-on-one training, and allows users to participate in small-group sessions that help guide the future of the software.

The sold-out 2019 edition of the conference delivered all that and more.

“Every year, it’s awesome to see so many people here, eager to learn and ready to share their knowledge with one another,” said Point of Rental CEO Wayne Harris. “Whether it’s special guests, sponsors, customers…everyone’s bringing insights and hopefully taking something of value back with them.”

REI’s Director of New Business Development and Circular Commerce Peter Whitcomb was the conference’s keynote speaker, answering questions about REI’s recent move into the rental business and the trend toward sustainable business practices, even in retail. An industry panel delved into other issues facing rental businesses, like building company culture and the value of networking with other rental leaders. 

Attendees enjoyed a full slate of software-based training designed to provide them the knowledge they’d need to train employees in their stores. They worked in small sessions with Point of Rental’s product development team as focus groups to help determine future developments. They sat in one-on-one “Genius Bar” sessions with trainers to resolve questions in-person instead of over the phone. 

All in all, attendees gained knowledge and the opportunities to talk with their peers in the industry.

“The focus groups and Genius Bar were so helpful,” said PortaPros’ James Sokoloski. “I was able to fix an issue we’d been having just with those two things – can’t wait for next year!”

“Point of Rental invites collaboration. Whether it’s through participation in one of many focus groups or by way of making and voting on suggestions with uInnovate, users play an active part in advancing the software,” Justin Prusi of Midway Rentals & Sales added.

After the EPIC Awards ceremony and the closing of the official conference, more than 100 people followed along to Point of Rental’s new office building in Fort Worth, getting one of the first glimpses of the company’s new home and meeting the rest of the team, many of whom they regularly speak to on the phone for assistance.

The 2020 International Conference will also be in the Dallas-Fort Worth area, but details have not been set as of yet. For more information and to take advantage of the early bird rate, visit or follow Point of Rental on social media.

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