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Essentials Update: Contracts Made Easier

Posted on March 22, 2017
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Rental Essentials' New Features Image
Our programmers have been working hard to make our customers’ wishes their commands this month. They’re basically genies dressed in business clothes. Good thing we found that lamp! This month’s fulfilled wishes: Subrental abilities. When you overbook an item, you’ll still receive an overbooked warning. But if the transaction is a reservation or an order, you’ll now have the option to subrent. When you click on the Subrent button, you can complete fields for the vendor you’re renting from, change ...Read More

10 Reasons to Attend Point of Rental’s International Conference in 2017

Posted on February 25, 2017
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2017's International Conference will take place November 6-8, 2017
Why should you plan to attend the 2017 Point of Rental International Conference? We asked our staff and dozens of people that attended last year to come up with 10 reasons you should show up in 2017. Here's what we came up with: Hundreds of wise and talented rental store owners and employees take the time to visit DFW each year for the International Conference. Shouldn’t you be one of them? You have questions? We have answers. Reserve 25-minute blocks of ...Read More

Essentials Update: Monthly Rentals, Searches, Colors and Sizes

Posted on February 22, 2017
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The Rental Show is coming up and we’re packing up the truck on our way to Orlando. Before we go, though, we’ve updated Rental Essentials again, making the program more robust. Here are the highlights: We’ve added a new rental duration option! Monthly rentals allow for full-month rentals instead of basing it on four weeks or 30 days – if a customer checks out an item on Valentine’s Day, it’s due March 14 on a one month rental. Just use ...Read More

Essentials Update: Same Day Rentals, Scheduled Maintenance Due

Posted on January 26, 2017
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Rental Essentials Update Day graphic
It’s donut day in the Point of Rental office, which means that Rental Essentials just got another update! What did our developers come up with this time? Most importantly, we added the ability to set same day rentals. Need your stuff back the same day, and want to charge for the extra day if it’s not back by closing time? Now you can. Within your Admin > Configurations > Configure Tax and Payment Options menu, you can let Essentials know ...Read More

Welcome Pat Lawlor, Point of Rental’s 100th Employee

Posted on January 19, 2017
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  Pat Lawlor sits comfortably in an office chair, drinking tea as he attempts to clear the jetlag from his mind. He’s in Dallas after two days of travel: First from his home in Glasgow, Scotland to Reading, England, then to Point of Rental headquarters in Dallas. His neatly-trimmed graying beard, short hair, and Scottish accent has turned the heads of his new co-workers who ask, “Is that Sean Connery?” Lawlor, who became Point of Rental’s 100th employee on January ...Read More

Rental Essentials is a Cloud Awards Finalist (Again)

Posted on January 10, 2017
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Rental Essentials is a Cloud Awards Finalist for its Web Storefront feature.
Our Rental Essentials team started off the new year with the news that their Web Storefront (a first among SaaS-based rental software) is a finalist for The Cloud Awards, a program that rewards the best and most innovative products in the cloud computing industry. Web Storefront enables straightforward rental businesses to provide 24/7 service to their customers, connecting an online ordering system with the back-end inventory control of Rental Essentials. This allows customers to make reservations online and simplifies the ...Read More

Mobile Workforce Reaches 1,000,000 Transactions in 2016

Posted on January 1, 2017
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Mobile Workforce reached 1,000,000 transactions in 2016.
Transactions have been moving from the front office to the warehouse and onto delivery routes over the past couple of years, thanks to our Mobile Workforce app. Last year, in fact, the 200+ companies using Mobile Workforce entered more than 1,000,000 transactions, including getting contract signatures, recording deliveries and driver check-ins, and even recording item condition photos for products. That’s more than a million fewer opportunities to miscommunicate information or forget to tell your dispatcher where you are. If your business is always ...Read More

Point of Rental’s Employee of 2016: Andy Haas

Posted on December 9, 2016
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Andy Haas is Point of Rental Software's Employee of the Year in 2016.
Andy Haas was voted Point of Rental’s 2016 Employee of the Year by his co-workers. Whether it’s his willingness to take on any task, his friendly face welcoming new employees with computer setup, or his great taste in formal wear, Andy’s a pretty popular guy in the office. We caught up with him after he received his award to find out what makes him tick. Q: Why do you think you were selected to be Employee of the Year? A: I’m ...Read More

Technology and Telematics Are Changing the Way We Manage Rental

Posted on December 2, 2016
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Technology like telematics can help you manage your business better. Point of Rental works with that technology to give you the data you need, when you need it.
Note: The following article was featured in the November/December issue of Pro Contractor Rentals.  Rental companies, especially in the construction industry, are taking advantage of new technology to improve the way they manage business. Incorporating rental management software that not only provides cutting-edge features, but also integrates with many other applications (like AEMP telematics), is no longer optional; it has become a must for rental businesses that want to remain relevant in their markets. So what is this new technology ...Read More

Data Drives The Future of Rental

Posted on November 29, 2016
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Point of Rental's Mobile Workshop provides rental management wherever you are
Note: The following article was featured in the November/December issue of Pro Contractor Rentals.  Data. Sophisticated rental stores demand it, and even those who haven’t felt the need for it until recently are recognizing they need it to stay competitive. Contractors can be sitting at home at 10 p.m., preparing for their next contract, wondering: “What do I have on rent? What equipment is on this job site? How much is this costing? What’s the availability on that machine?” They ...Read More
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