Online Booking for the Equipment Rental Industry

RentItOnline has joined Point of Rental.

Soon, Point of Rental users will have its eCommerce benefits integrated into their software, creating a better CX for their customers.

If you’re creating a paperless, customer-centric experience for your rental business, the eCommerce features from RentItOnline (working with Point of Rental’s robust software) will get you there. Learn more about the acquisition here.


Features Rental Customers Want

Self-Help Rental Solutions

Customers can place orders and manage deliveries and collections, allocate machines to sites or jobs, schedule off-hires 24+ hours in advance, and calculate their rental costs by team or job.

Equipment Documentation

Often, you’d like to know about the equipment you’re hiring. Customers can download manufacturers’ specifications for the equipment they’re looking at within your app.

Track Machine Conditions

Customers can attach machine photos when they rent it, report breakdowns, and attach relevant pictures on a breakdown or at the end of the rental to assess damage caused during the rental.

Job Pricing and Cost Analysis

Customers can quote for work and estimate costs including delivery and collection charges. The app handles customer-specific pricing, fixed prices, and duration-dependent pricing.

Payment and Feedback Handling

We track account customers’ credit ratings and allow for rentals to be charged to accounts or credit cards. After rentals, customers can rate their satisfaction with the rental directly to your team.


Features Rental Businesses Need

Branded App

Distribute your own branded app to your customers, with customer-specific pricing on rental rates and transport to reflect any service-level agreements you may have with them.

Take Orders

Empower your customers to take care of the first steps of a rental – requesting quotations and placing orders. You can handle both account and cash customers.

Take Payments

Customers aren’t just building quotations – if you require a deposit or payment up front, you can collect your payment through the app as an order is placed.

Request & Review Feedback

Manage your customer feedback – send feedback requests to customers regarding the services you’ve provided and receive them conveniently within your app.

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