Rental eSign

The first e-signature product designed specifically for the rental industry.

When our customers had issues with their electronic signature software not understanding the high contract volume of the rental industry, we knew we had to step in. “Who do we know that knows rental and is good with software?” we asked.

The light bulb went on, and now we’re proud to present Rental eSign, moving our customers closer to a paperless process.

You must be on v2016 for this feature!


*You must be on v2016


1. Figure out what package suits your business below.


2. Our sales staff works with you to help you get what you need.


3. Once you’ve paid, log into your account and start sending!


Since Rental eSign is a Point of Rental product, it’s built to work hand-in-hand with our software. Not only will signatures show up within transaction history reports, but you’ll also be able to see whether contracts are signed in the Day At A Glance screen, keeping you up to date on which contracts are ready to be fulfilled.

If you ever need to legally enforce a contract, you can look at each step of the transaction, display a signature, and be protected from any claims a customer wasn’t informed of a contract alteration.

Delivering to a site and the person who rented the item isn’t there to sign off on changes? Email signature requests and have them signed instantly instead of waiting around for authorization. Save paper by not printing out a contract, printing out amendments, etc. for signature. Rental eSign lets you skip the processes that cost you time and money.

Because the data is stored in a secure location within the cloud, you can access your transaction history and signed documents by logging in from any device with an internet connection.

Have a customer in the store who wants to change the number of items they’re getting? Send the form quickly, have them sign it on their phone, and everything’s ready to go.



30 contracts
per month per location

  • $25 Per Month Per Location
  • Average Cost Savings Over Competitors: $40/month


150 contracts
per month per location

  • $65 Per Month Per Location
  • Average Cost Savings Over Competitors: $325.91/month


500 contracts
per month per location

  • $125 Per Month Per Location
  • Average Cost Savings Over Competitors: $565/month


Unlimited Contracts

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Monthly fees do not include $750 setup fee ($250 per additional location).



The setup fee includes software usage rights, configuring the product to work with your system, and ensuring that the module is running properly on your system.


A contract is any time you send a contract out, it’s signed, and returned.


If you’re about to exceed your plan’s limit (whether for the month or the year, depending on your payment cycle), you can adjust your plan in the Settings tab. You’ll then be upgraded to the next-highest-level plan. If you don’t adjust the limit prior to reaching the limit, you’ll still be able to complete transactions – we’ll just contact you to let you know you’ve exceeded the limit and we’ll put you onto the next tier.


You can adjust your plan at any time in the Settings tab. Your new billing level will be reflected in the next billing cycle.


The number of contracts you can use will be tracked cumulatively between stores, and based on your payment period. For example, if you pay annually for the Pro plan for two stores, your account will be credited with 12,000 contracts to use throughout the year (12 months x 500 contracts x 2 stores). If you pay monthly for the Basic plan for two stores, you'll get 60 contracts a month to use (1 month x 30 contracts x 2 stores).