Sometimes it just isn’t possible to pick equipment up or drop it off during business hours. It’s not efficient to staff a store 24/7, but smart locker technology can fill that gap in the rental industry. UnlockIt reimagines rental, making it accessible for anyone, anytime.

Why Use Unlockit?

Unattended Pickup

Customers create their rental contract in advance. When they make their payment, they get an access code emailed to them, which allows them to pop the locker with their item inside at their convenience. When they open the locker, their contract begins.

Unattended After-Hours Return*

Customers are sent an access code that allows them to return their rental item directly to the locker. When they put the item in the locker, their rental time stops and the contract is marked as returned.
*feature currently in development

Self-Service Kiosk**

Lockers can be pre-loaded with various rental items. Customers walk up and browse through the locker inventory – they can rent and pay for items on the spot via the kiosk. After payment, the locker pops open and they can retrieve the item. The contract starts and the locker is reserved for the return of that item unless in-store return is specified.
**future feature yet to be developed

Unlock the Future of Rental

An RER Innovative Product Award winner, UnlockIt will open new possibilities for your rental business. You’ll free up your team’s time to work with people who need assistance and you’ll be able to provide rental equipment to people who need it, when they need it.

See Unlockit In Action!

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