Rental eSign

When our customers had issues with their electronic signature software not understanding the high contract volume of the rental industry, we knew we had to step in. “Who do we know that knows rental and is good with software?” we asked. The light bulb went on, and we’re proud to offer Rental eSign, moving the industry closer to a paperless process.

Why Use Rental eSign?

Eliminate Paperwork

Save paper by not printing out a contract, printing amendments, etc. for signature. eSign Remote lets you skip the processes that cost you time and money.

24-7 Accessibility

Data is stored in a secure location within the cloud; you can access signed documents by logging in from any device.

E-Mailable Contracts

Need to get a signature but the customer isn’t at your location? Email contracts and get signatures remotely. You’ll get notified when documents are signed.

Contract Approval

Have a customer in the store who wants to change the number of items they’re getting? Send the form quickly, have them sign it on their phone, and you’re ready to go.

Key Features

Secure, Legal Contracts

If you need to legally enforce a contract, you can see each step of the transaction, when it was signed, and be able to display the signature, making it as binding as even ink on paper.

Access & Approvals Everywhere

Need a signature on a changed contract from someone not on-site? Email them and get a quick signature. Need to pull up a signed contract while you’re away from the office? Because the data’s stored securely on the cloud, you can log in to any device with an internet connection and locate it.

Locate Docs Instantly

Save time and money by storing your documents digitally instead of in filing cabinets. Signed contracts are searchable, making them easy to find with a couple of clicks instead of searching through boxes of old paperwork.

Here, There, Everywhere

There are a couple of different options for Rental eSign – if you only want people to sign documents at your counter, eSign Counter allows you to set up any tablet device with the ability to capture signatures. Want to allow customers to sign documents anywhere, via email? You can do that with eSign Remote. Pair both aspects of Rental eSign to collect digital signatures your way.

See Rental eSign In Action!

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