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When a customer signs off on your credit card terminal or their receipt, they’re agreeing to a charge from their banking institution. But that signature isn’t on your contract. It’s not on your damage waiver. It’s not on any contract amendments you might have. If there’s a future dispute with the customer, a credit card signature isn’t proof of services rendered. But an electronic signature through Rental eSign is.

Goodbye, Printer Issues

Traditional paper contracts require lots of paper, ink, toner, buying and fixing a printer…and all that’s before you get to the filing process, which is like remembering where you left Waldo in a candy cane forest.

Peace of Mind

Our Rental eSign options pave over the legal potholes in the traditional contract process to make the process smooth and safe. When customer signatures are gathered, they’re stored within your rental software and indexed to their contract and the customer for easy searches. Customers appreciate the ease of signing digitally and that they don’t need to do their own filing at home. It saves you printing costs and provides you with peace of mind.

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