Rental eSign + Pay

Rental eSign + Pay offers rental businesses an affordable, simple solution to customers looking for contactless, paperless signature + payment processes.

Why Use Rental eSign?

Eliminate Paperwork

Save paper by not printing out a contract, printing amendments, etc. for signature. eSign lets you skip the processes that cost you time and money.

24-7 Accessibility

Data is stored in a secure location within the cloud; you can access signed documents by logging in from any device.

E-Mailable Contracts

Need to get a signature but the customer isn’t at your location? Email contracts and get signatures remotely. You’ll get notified when documents are signed.

Contract Approval

Have a customer in the store who wants to change the number of items they’re getting? Send the form quickly, have them sign it on their phone, and you’re ready to go.

Why Use ePay?

Seamless Customer Experience

Once you have the signature, ePay provides a link to the customer where they can complete their payment securely and immediately.

Easy Receipts

Need to check to ensure a payment has been made? You can check your dashboard in eSign directly to see payment info.

Secure Payments

Payments run through your credit card processor and are tokenized, keeping customer CC data secure and out of your system.

Quick Deposits

No need to call to confirm a signature, verify the order, and take unsecure phone payments. Electronic payments can be made immediately.

Key Features

Secure, Legal Contracts

If you need to legally enforce a contract, you can see each step of the transaction, when it was signed, and be able to display the signature, making it as binding as even ink on paper.

Works With Your Software

Built by Point of Rental, Rental eSign + Pay integrates with our software. But it works independently, as well, so you can use it with the rental software you already have. You can even use it without any rental software at all!

Access & Approvals Everywhere

Need a signature on a changed contract from someone not on-site? Email them and get a quick signature. Need to pull up a signed contract while you’re away from the office? Because the data’s stored securely on the cloud, you can log in to any device with an internet connection and locate it.

Works With Your Processor

No need to change payment processors; ePay works with several leading processors, like TSYS (Cayan), Stripe, Peach Payments, Moneris, Transbank, and we’re always working to add more.

Locate Docs Instantly

Save time and money by storing your documents digitally instead of in filing cabinets. Signed contracts are searchable, making them easy to find with a couple of clicks instead of searching through boxes of old paperwork.

Here, There, Everywhere

Have more complex documents or special instructions that require initials? eSign allows you to set requirements for initials and multiple signatures throughout any document. You can even preview documents to make sure initials and documents will be where you want them.

See Rental eSign + ePay In Action!

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