Simplify Your
Sales Taxes

Elite now integrates with Vertex, automatically updating your sales tax rates and rules in all the places you do business.

When you’re conducting business across several locations, states, counties, and even countries, it can be a full-time job just keeping on top of all the indirect taxes for each location you serve. Our Vertex integration handles all that for you in realtime.

You can:

Calculate Sales/Use Taxes Automatically

Instead of finding sales tax data for every location you serve, uploading that data, and revising it every time a local government makes a change, use Vertex’s worldwide database of over 300 million tax rules in 19,000 worldwide jurisdictions, automatically updated in your system.

Use Vertex to See Owed Taxes

Vertex’s in-depth indirect tax (sales tax, use tax, VAT) reports make it easy to see exactly how much money is owed and where, keeping you compliant everywhere you do business. You can then opt to pay manually, or…

Use Vertex to Automate Tax Returns

Make it even easier on yourself by having Vertex handle your sales and use tax returns processing, funds management, and notice management. You’ll still have control 24/7 with an easy-to-use online portal.

No matter how much you want to automate through Vertex, your team will appreciate the time saved not having to deal with sales/use tax changes and ensuring taxes are always being assessed at the correct rate.

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