Dispatch Center

When you’ve got dozens or hundreds
of places to be in a day, you don’t have time to spare between deliveries. Our dispatching solution helps you estimate load weights, plan routes, manage work crews…basically, get your team where they need to be, as efficiently as possible, so everyone can get back home on time.

Why Use Dispatch Center?

Easy Route Planning

Assign your deliveries, pickups, and site services as stops on a trip and Point of Rental will automatically create the most efficient route possible. It’s even able to handle multiple deliveries, service calls, or pickups on a single contract.

See Your Fleet

Routes are assigned to drivers, then pushed to Mobile Workforce for easy navigation. It works with your Maps app to ensure your drivers are getting the proper directions, every step of the way.

No More Whiteboards and Clipboards

Save yourself the pain of clutter, dirty paperwork, lost paperwork, erased information, etc. and maintain your dispatch information accurately and in real time.

On-the-fly Adjustments

Routes can be adjusted in realtime to accommodate last-minute pickups or missed stops; no need to hop on a phone call gets through in time or interrupt a setup job to tell a driver about the new plan.

Key Features

Customer Delivery Notifications

Notify customers when your team is on its way to their location and when they’ve arrived at the address they’re assigned to. They’ll appreciate not having to wait around for you.

Realtime Tracking

With integrated GPS Tracking capabilities for your trucks, you’ll be able to see your team and whether they’re behind or ahead of schedule. You’ll also see if there are any unexpected delays, like an accident.

See Driver KPIs

Driver reporting shows which crews show up early, on-time, and late most often – is one crew consistently late? People’s memories may lie, but these reports don’t.

Monitor Load Capacity

Keep your trucks and your teams happy by making sure they’re not loading too much onto a vehicle. Dispatch sees your max weight and notifies you if a potential load exceeds it.

See Dispatch Center In Action!

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