Contract Fulfillment

Realtime contract processing keeps your team updated on the order fulfillment process, in the warehouse or at the counter. And you can skip the paperwork!

Why Use Fulfillment?

Keep Things Moving

Mobile-friendly Fulfillment’s real time updates keep your warehouse team seeing what needs to be taken care of next.

Interruption-Free Fulfillment

Counter staff can see in real time when orders are fulfilled, so there’s no calls back to the warehouse to see if an order’s ready.

Organize Large Orders

Assign parts of shipments to specific delivery trucks for smoother loading and setup processes with fewer second runs.

Eliminate Paperwork

Skip load sheets and the shuttling of contracts back and forth with Fulfillment’s real time processing.

Key Features

Double-Blind Scanning

Scan in items’ barcodes or RFIDs as they come off-rent; they’ll automatically be assigned to the correct customer contract.

Quick Sales

Sell missing or damaged items with a single click before you close out a contract.

RFID Integration

Whether coming in or going out, running items through an RFID scanner will automatically enter them in the system.

Quick Adds

Add items on the fly with a right-click on overprepped items in the Fulfillment tab.

See Contract Fulfillment In Action!

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