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Point of Rental Welcomes New Global Director of Customer Support

FORT WORTH — Point of Rental’s customer experience team got more experienced last week with the addition of Brooke Ryan as the company’s global director of customer support.

As Point of Rental has grown, the company’s customer experience team has expanded from a single group of all-around experts to several groups of specialists. Brooke’s addition gives the global support team, which focuses specifically on handling customer calls and emails, a leader focused 100 percent on their growth, success, and mission.

“Providing an excellent customer experience and maintaining a happy, productive relationship with our users is critical to all of us at Point of Rental,” said Darrin Smith, Point of Rental’s VP of customer experience. “Brooke has a great track record of bringing support teams together in a fast-growing software company and creating great experiences; I’m looking forward to seeing her influence our team.”

“We want to empower customers to use our software,” said Brooke. “When people call in and they’ve got an issue, it’s affecting their business. It needs to be handled quickly and professionally. At the end of the day, the #1 priority is making sure that our teams are prepared and trained and have the right tools to better serve our customers.”

Brooke started her career as a Client Services Manager with WellEz, a small SaaS company serving the oil and gas industry. Over the past decade and through the company’s acquisition by Quorum Software, she rose through the organization, distinguishing herself through her leadership and exemplary customer service, becoming the company’s Director of Customer Success in 2022.

Brooke and Point of Rental are seeking out more people who are dedicated to providing enjoyable customer experiences. If that sounds like you, apply at

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