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Point of Rental Software Launches Toys for Tots Campaign


Point of Rental Software, a Texas-based company that provides rental and inventory management solutions worldwide, joins the U.S. Marine Corps Reserve in its mission to bring a message of hope to less fortunate children. Announcing the launch of its Toys for Tots fundraiser, Point of Rental will donate to the charity for every social “share” of the software company’s parody poem “The Night Point of Rental Saved Christmas” in which the rental software helps Santa save Christmas. Participants should go to Point of Rental’s Christmas page in order for shares to be tracked and corresponding donations made.

The poem, featured below, is a rendition of Clement Clarke Moore’s classic “Twas the Night Before Christmas.” The parody highlights features of the rental and inventory software, explaining how it can streamline Santa’s workshop and help the elves be more efficient.

The Night Point of Rental Saved Christmas
©2015 Point of Rental Software

“Santa!” the little elf cried with dismay.

       “An accident in the workshop! Come quick, don’t delay!”

The big-bellied, bearded man dressed in red,

       hurried through the snow, thoughts rushing through his head.

The workshop was ablaze, smoke billowing out.

       Everything was chaos; elves scurried about.

“No one is hurt,” Santa said with relief.

       “But, Santa, your list!” one elf cried with grief.

“There’ll be no more Christmas; the kids will cry!

       They will think that Santa is all just a lie!”

Suddenly a twinkle lit Santa’s eye,

       He said, “Don’t worry! I know just who to try.

“It’s time for a change–lists are long past.

       We need some great software, and we need it fast.

“Point of Rental is full of great innovation–

       it’s perfect for Christmas Eve automation.”

And just like that, it was up and running.

       The whole North Pole thought the features were stunning.

Contract fulfillment made orders efficient.

       The elves all found it more than sufficient.

Customer data showed “naughty” or “nice,”

       With no need for Santa to check his list twice.

Letter entries, which were once quite traumatic,

       the online store made fully automatic!

The little elves loaded the sleigh quite fast,

       like five times faster than they’d done in the past!

Dancer and Prancer and the reindeer gang,

       They stomped their hooves while the elves all sang.

Santa laughed and hopped quickly aboard.

       With a “ho, ho, ho!” into the night he soared. 

The elves gathered around Day at a Glance,

       then they tracked Santa’s journey, starting in France.

With his smartphone using the delivery app,

       Santa marked out his course right on the map.

With one simple button, he even sent texts

       Updating his stops to whomever was next!

Before anybody became concerned,

       He delivered the gifts and quickly returned.

“The job you did was amazing this year,

       and,” Santa said, “we spread Christmas cheer.

“But it couldn’t have happened without Point of Rental.

       My gratitude makes me feel sentimental.

“Their streamlined software made the work so fast,

       and their customer service is unsurpassed.

“I want this to be a lesson for all:

       if you need great software, just give them a call!”

For each share, Point of Rental will donate five dollars to Toys for Tots.



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