Love rental? So does Frankie the frog! Adopt your own Frankie and take it to work with you – or sign up to learn other ways you can get a Frankie!

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This month's #FrankiesFriend activity:

If you don't have your own Frankie yet, you can find a few at the following events:

How it works


#FrankiesFriend Online

Use the hashtag #FrankiesFriend when sharing photos of Frankie at work! We’ll share our favorites on Point of Rental’s social feeds each month.


Frankie Giveaways

When you become one of Frankie’s Friends, we’ll send you Frankie’s digital coloring book and, as we create new Frankie stuff, you’ll find out first.
frankie coloring book

We've got answers:

Frankie will be available at selected industry trade shows! Sign up to learn when we’ll have more available and where you can find one. We’ll also have ways to participate online in challenges to win prizes and perhaps your own Frankie.
We’ll provide a prompt to Frankie’s Friends every so often, just to remind you to spend some fun time with your Frankie in the office or on a job site.

Well, you’ll be making a special frog happy; Frankie loves working in rental. And we’ll share and tag our favorite photos each month on Point of Rental’s Facebook and Instagram pages.

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