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Why eSign Counter?

The average three-register rental counter spends approximately $500/month in printing and filing costs when considering the paper, the toner, the printer maintenance, the time spent filing contracts and searching for records, etc. We think that’s too much to spend, so we created eSign Counter to save you money and frustration.

Ink Running Low
Load Paper in the Paper Tray #1
Replace the Toner Catridge

Goodbye, Printer Issues

Printers jam. Ink, based on its price, seems to be squeezed out of diamonds. Alignment gets off and your pre-printed contracts are illegible. Eventually, your printer will even break down and you’ll have to buy a new one. eSign Counter eliminates printer issues by taking care of the whole process in your Point of Rental software.

Happier Customers

Today’s customers expect fast, electronic purchasing processes. Whether shopping online, buying at the grocery store, a restaurant, or even a big-box store, we complete our transactions on screens. eSign Counter allows rental companies to achieve this completely paperless process, creating a 21st-century customer experience.

Search for Jon Doe Jane Smith Joe Johnson signed contract

Instant Recordkeeping

Electronic signatures and contracts are stored digitally, reducing the filing and searching process to a couple of keystrokes and a quick scan on the screen to see when contracts were created, modified, and signed. There’s no paperwork to keep up with either, meaning your counter staff can focus on what they’re there for: Helping customers.


Cost Per Device: $150 per month for first device. $75 per month for each additional device.

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