As the saying goes, “necessity is the mother of invention,” and at Point of Rental, we look for those needs to inspire our creative development as a software company. We constantly ask, “What does a rental store need to run more efficiently? What would help their processes flow more intuitively?” Then, we find the solutions. Point of Rental is all about innovation. In fact, our tagline is “Constantly Innovating for Your Success.” The reason this was chosen is because it succinctly sums up the driving force of our company, and that has been the case from the very beginning.

Innovation has been the premise of our software ever since our founding in 1982—developing real working solutions for real issues that real rental stores face. As a result, Point of Rental has become recognized in the industry for our innovative solutions.

So here we find ourselves again—this time recognizing a great need within the rental industry for ERP rental management software. The vast majority of companies that rank among the world’s largest rental stores are using 25-year-old UNIX based, character-based programs that don’t allow for the flexibility, integrations, and innovations that are needed to grow a business today. At best, they offer a GUI interface to appear to be a Windows program, but the archaic functions are evident from the poor user experience provided and the lack of updates available. Essentially, many rental businesses are stuck in time with their current ERP software.

Point of Rental is uniquely positioned to fill this gap. With our industry experience, the success of our other products on which to build, and our solid reputation as a leading rental management software provider, we are positioned, ready, and have already begun the rollout of this new product we are introducing to you now: Point of Rental Elite.

Designed for the most forward-thinking rental businesses and built to handle even the largest companies worldwide, Rental Elite is an ERP rental management software customized to the specific infrastructure in which it is used. Scalable to handle any-sized corporation, it comes with a flexible suite of features, including hundreds of powerful tools and user-defined KPI’s for robust business analytics reporting.

The software is agile enough to incorporate the latest technologies, and it fully integrates with other applications that progressive rental companies rely on, such as SmartEquip, SalesForce, Rouse Analytics, DocuSign, MicroSoft CRM, and AEMP Telematics to name a few. In addition, corporations that use Rental Elite will leverage the full power of Microsoft Dynamics for business analytics and accounting, essentially marrying Microsoft Dynamics ERP software with Point of Rental’s ERP solution for rental specific operations.

Customized programming means that the software is tailored to each company, allowing business operations to be performed according to each company’s preference. However, there is one set of code so that as new features become available, each company will be able access those features, keeping their software up-to-date….No longer stuck in time!

Point of Rental Elite is setup under subscription pricing to eliminate large upfront costs and enable rental stores to pay for only the software they use. Two rental businesses, listed 49th and 55th on RER 100 Top Rental Equipment Companies, have already began using Elite, with the 50th ranked company slated for installation this spring. It’s important to note that while large corporations are most likely to gravitate toward ERP solutions, it’s really designed for any rental company that demands customized software—primarily those forward-thinking, vanguard companies that need software tailored to fit the way they do business.

To that end, our goal is that Point of Rental Elite isn’t simply known as a software product; rather it is a partnership for the life of a business, scaled to grow with it, and designed to deliver unlimited possibilities.

Be sure to check out this press release published in International Rental News (EUR)LA Daily News (Los Angeles), Miami Herald, Ft. Worth Star Telegram, CBS KCTV (Kansas City), and the Star Tribune.