Point-of-Rental Software Develops New App

New with Point-of-Rental’s most recent update, the company introduced their Mobile Workforce App. This app empowers workers on a jobsite as well as in the rental yard, capitalizing on their mobility.

A web-based application rather than device-specific, Mobile Workforce can be utilized with any Internet enabled mobile device, be it iPhone, Android, any number of tablet devices, or even a laptop. Taking full advantage of the touch-screen user interface of mobile devices, this module reduces tasks from what would normally be several time consuming steps down to a few simple clicks. Mobile Workforce allows the mobile worker to eliminate the paper equation by performing tasks onsite without having to be granted full access to the company server.

For example, a driver delivering a high-reach lift to a jobsite can open the contract from that site and take a photo of the item delivered as well as have the customer sign for it right on the device. The signature capture is instantly reflected in the contract, eliminating the need for paper to be delivered back to the office and filed. Similarly, if an employee is sent out to survey a site for delivery and setup, notes can be added to the contract or reservation, detailing the surface and size of the area or any other number of logistical elements. In addition, service personnel performing maintenance on a portable sanitation unit can open the service contract from the jobsite and scan the barcode on the unit to mark the service completed. The task is then instantly reflected in the contract, automatically noting the latitude-longitude location as well as the date-time stamp.

“We just started using Mobile Workforce and our delivery drivers love it because it is simple and easy to navigate,” stated Scott Munsterman, President of First Place Rentals. He noted that the drivers at First Place like being able to take photos when delivering or picking up equipment and attaching them to a contract. “When we delivered an excavator, the driver was able to take a photo of the truck and license plate for ID and also a photo to show the time we arrived on site,” Munsterman said. “We also have our yard crew taking photos of customers and their vehicles in our own yard when they are suspicious about the circumstances of the rental. In just the first few weeks, Mobile Workforce has helped to prove when and where the driver dropped off equipment and saves time back at the office because drivers don’t need to call in before heading to the next delivery. Our customers are certainly impressed at how technologically savvy we are. We enjoy being on the cutting edge!”

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