The Front PORch

Welcome to The Front Porch, where host Lauren Jewell sits with Pointers and people throughout the hire industry to find out a little bit about them,
hat makes them tick, and maybe gets some advice for making her way in the hire software industry.

Will Wright, Peerless Events & Tents

Will Wright, Peerless Events & Tents

Will Wright grew up in Fort Wayne, Indiana, wanting the Wall Street life. After pursuing those dreams for a while, he set his sights on …

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Kacie Brewer, United Rentals headshot

Kacie Brewer, United Rentals

Kacie Brewer is not only the manager of United Rentals’ diversity and inclusion programs, she’s one of Rental Management magazine’s “12 to Watch Under 40” …

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Ben Santiago headshot and podcast image with Pokemon cards in the background

Ben Santiago, Graphic Designer

Ben Santiago is Point of Rental’s graphic designer and the marketing team’s Pokemon expert. His dream since childhood has been to become an “artificial pastor” …

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One Stop Hire Acquires Lord Hire Centres; pictured is One Stop's training centre.

One Stop Hire Acquires Lord Hire Centres

Recently, our friends at One Stop Hire acquired Lord Hire Centres and their eight depots in North East England to become one of the largest …

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James Auerbach headshot graphic in ARA blue and red

James Auerbach, ARA VP, Event Segment

When James Auerbach, the ARA’s Event Segment VP, was a kid, he thought he’d be a physical therapist, journalist, or a chef. Professionally, he’s officially …

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Gustavo Castaneda headshot and name graphic

Gustavo Castaneda, Salesforce Platform Manager

Gustavo Castaneda, our Salesforce Platform Manager, started his career by dismembering his parents’ appliances. From there, he got into engineering, then software, and eventually joined …

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Josh Nickell joins us from the ARA for a podcast

Josh Nickell, ARA VP, Equipment Segment

Josh Nickell likes his steaks with a reverse sear and his metaphors to be orchestra-related. He’s helped build a rental business and worked in rental …

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Andrew Sherrington headshot and graphic

Andrew Sherrington, Media Production Manager

Andrew Sherrington, Point of Rental’s videographer/media manager, tries to convince us that he really, truly is English. We discussed his path to videography and his …

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