McMahon Hire Solutions


McMahon Hire Solutions is a start-up equipment hire shop founded in 2022 by a team with over 20 years of knowledge and experience within the hire industry. Their small team are dedicated to their customers with the hopes of revolutionising the industry by providing excellent customer service, high-quality equipment and solutions for any hire request.


As a new hire company without dedicated hire software, McMahon Hire Solutions had data everywhere. It was causing issues with invoicing, managing fleet, and numerous other places within the company. Director Anthony McMahon and the team knew they needed a software that could help them get organised.


When McMahon Hire started searching for software, Point of Rental wasn’t on their radar. But after vetting out several software solutions, Point of Rental’s Australian team impressed at every turn and ultimately the system’s ease of use won out.


Point of Rental is just so easy to use that McMahon Hire Solutions are able to focus on the important things, like customer service, fleet maintenance, and creating great experiences.

“We have seen such an increase in efficiencies, it means that we can spend more time doing other stuff instead of data entry,” Anthony said. “[Syrinx is] a very sophisticated program. We use it to it’s maximum potential, and we can now manage our fleet – and our customers – on a day-to-day basis, which ensures that they receive a great customer experience themselves.”

By pulling the data all into one place, Syrinx makes it easy for the McMahon Hire team to collaborate – because all the data is synced, each person within the organisation is looking at the same information, reducing confusion.

As the director, Anthony credits Point of Rental with helping him and his team not only manage fleet, but to make better decisions about the future of the company, thanks to data being so easy to find.

And when there is a challenge at McMahon that they can’t handle on-site, Point of Rental’s support team is there to help, Anthony says. “The experience [with support] has always been very first class, wanting to get to the bottom of the problem and fix it as soon as possible for us. It’s been excellent service.”

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