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Founded in 2013, Conveying & Hoisting Solutions has an industry leader in the Australian material handling sector. This proudly 100% Australian-owned company brings an extensive range of material handling products to the Sydney area and wider New South Wales.


Conveying & Hoisting Solutions’ previous software couldn’t support their need to process cash customers. Other inefficiencies caused wasted time addressing invoicing queries, frustrating employees and straining customer relationships. Beyond the system’s shortcomings, they felt like their concerns were often dismissed and had little to no support to assist them.

[Editor’s Note: Normally we’d condense everything into a neat “Solution” and “Results” section below. Because there were so many things General Manager Stephen Boyd highlighted, it didn’t fit into a neat narrative, so we’re presenting the rest of this case study as a lightly-edited Q&A.]

Q: When you chose Point of Rental, why did you do it? What was different about either the software or your experience with the company?

Stephen: I chose Point of Rental for several reasons. Although the software had similar features to our previous system, I had been hesitant to utilise all the features in the past due to our fear of complex implementation and poor customer service. Our earlier experiences with unresolved issues and inadequately functioning basic features made me wary of adding more complexity to our rental management software. When I met with Josh from Point of Rental, he demonstrated the Syrinx system and gave me confidence in both the product and the support provided by the company. It took me some time to finally decide to switch to Point of Rental because we were still apprehensive from our previous experiences and concerned about the migration process, especially if I needed more free time. Point of Rental’s Syrinx software effectively addressed my pain points and frustrations. My team can now confidently process payments for cash customers and invoice them correctly without triple-checking everything. Additionally, we could go paperless from day one with our hire agreements, workshop jobs, breakdowns, and other documentation. This improved efficiency and confidence in our rental management system has positively impacted our business operations.

Q: Take us to the moment where you realised our product and/or our team was actually working to solve the problem you’d been having.

Stephen: We started noticing improvements in our rental management processes shortly after implementing Syrinx. One significant enhancement was the ability to attach photos to every service job, delivery, or damage report, providing clear evidence of the items’ conditions. All files are stored in one centralised location, making it easy to access the information we need without searching. Additionally, the real-time visibility of our fleet status eliminated the need to wait for service jobs to be entered before knowing the availability of items for hire. The support provided by Point of Rental’s team has also been a stark contrast to our previous vendor’s service. Their support is readily available, and they prioritise fixing issues quickly.

Q: What does life look like now that the problem is solved (or on its way to being solved)?

Stephen: Life has significantly improved now that we have implemented Point of Rental’s Syrinx software to address our rental management challenges. Our overall efficiency and productivity have increased as our workshop and transport staff find the app-based system much faster and easier to use than paper copies. The rental desk team also appreciates the user-friendly interface, and the system is more forgiving when mistakes are made, allowing for corrections and adjustments. The more efficient rental management process has improved employee morale and job satisfaction. Our customers have also noticed the positive changes, appreciating the easy-to-read hire agreements and invoices. In addition, they love the convenience of not needing any paperwork on delivery, as everything is emailed to them.

Q: Do you have any specific results to point to – either in that aspect of the business or elsewhere – that you’ve seen since implementing Point of Rental?

Stephen: Since implementing Point of Rental’s Syrinx software, we have observed several positive results in our business operations. We have experienced shorter invoice payment times, reduced processing time, and more streamlined day-to-day activities. These improvements have contributed to greater efficiency and cost savings in our rental management processes. Additionally, the improved rental management system has allowed management to focus on other business areas without troubleshooting, fault-finding, or dealing with the time-wasting issues we experienced with our previous system. This newfound focus has opened up opportunities for growth and expansion in our material handling rental business. One significant development since implementing Syrinx has been our expansion into e-commerce sales. With management having more time to devote to new initiatives, we successfully launched our e-commerce platform and further diversified our business offerings. Syrinx’s ease of use and automation has also simplified the training process for new staff members. We have saved approximately two hours per day on data entry of workshop jobs for our staff, which translates to increased productivity and more effective resource allocation within our organisation. These measurable improvements and overall positive changes in our business can be attributed, at least in part, to the implementation of Point of Rental’s Syrinx software.

Q: What value do you get (personally, in your position) from the software?

Stephen: As the company’s General Manager, I have personally experienced several benefits from implementing Point of Rental’s Syrinx software. It has provided me with faster access to reporting data I can trust, allowing me to make more informed decisions and better manage the business. This increased efficiency has given me more time to work on new initiatives and projects within the company, something I wouldn’t have had the opportunity to do in the past. Also, reviewing our reporting remotely using Power BI has been beneficial. It enables me to stay connected to our operations even when I am away from the office. Overall, the implementation of Syrinx has contributed to reduced stress, increased job satisfaction, and more time to focus on other responsibilities, ultimately making me a more effective General Manager.

Q: What’s your favourite thing about Point of Rental? 

Stephen: My favourite thing about Point of Rental is the combination of the powerful software features and the exceptional customer support the team provides. In particular, I appreciate the Driver App and Workshop App. The Driver App has dramatically improved our delivery process by ensuring accurate deliveries, capturing Proof of Delivery, and automatically uploading photos to the hire contract. This feature has been invaluable in resolving disputes regarding damages, as providing photographic evidence typically ends any disagreement. The Workshop App has also been fantastic for managing inspections and repairs. We can quickly review the work done and assess the item’s condition at any given date by taking photos from various angles during each stage. Overall, the powerful software features and excellent customer support make Point of Rental a standout choice for our material-handling rental business.

Q: How did implementation go?

Stephen: Point of Rental’s Syrinx software implementation went smoother than I initially anticipated. I was nervous about the migration process, as I was the only person from our company involved, and our data needed cleaning and sorting. However, the Point of Rental staff provided exceptional availability, dedication, help, and support, making the migration process far more efficient than I anticipated. With their assistance, we completed the migration at least one month ahead of schedule. Their hands-on approach and guidance throughout the process significantly reduced the workload and stress associated with the migration.

Q: Can you describe your experience as a Point of Rental customer? If you’ve interacted with our support team, how have those interactions gone?

Stephen: As a Point of Rental customer, my experience has been overwhelmingly positive. The powerful software features, coupled with the exceptional customer support provided by the team, have made a significant difference in the efficiency and effectiveness of our material handling rental business. The support team is highly responsive and genuinely invested in resolving any issues or challenges we may face. Whether we need help with troubleshooting or require guidance on utilising the software to its fullest potential, the support team is always available. Their expertise and understanding of the software have enabled us to quickly overcome obstacles and continue our business operations with minimal disruption.

Q: If someone in your industry were looking for a new software to manage their business, what would you tell them?

Stephen: I would tell them to contact Point of Rental and experience Syrinx. The software’s powerful features, user-friendly interface, and industry-specific functionalities are designed to streamline operations and improve efficiency. Syrinx’s ability to address the unique needs of the rental industry, coupled with exceptional customer support, makes it a standout choice. Once they see Syrinx in action and experience its capabilities firsthand, they will be convinced of its value and the positive impact it can have on their business.

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