Pacific Hire roller outside store

Established in 1979, Pacific Hire is a traditional equipment hire company founded in Myrtleford by Roland Carlassare, who was sick and tired of his mates asking to lend his tools. Now with three locations across Victoria, the company provides the latest plant and equipment for small builders, home handymen and even Tier 1 rail and tunnel projects throughout Victoria and NSW.


Pacific Hire’s previous software had been causing issues from the beginning – “system glitches” would occur occasionally and on different items. Instead of playing an unenjoyable game of hide-and-seek with unreliable data, Operations Manager Christian Grzankowski searched for a software solution that would solve his problems.


Christian remembered Syrinx from a previous job with a company that had used it. Even 10 years ago, his previous company hadn’t updated Syrinx in a while and yet it consistently worked and was easy to use. When he looked at Point of Rental, he was happy to see that it was still easy to use and consistent, but it had come a long way in functionality.


The difference was noticeable even in the implementation process – Point of Rental was able to implement Syrinx in all three of their branches with an off-site server backup and an intricate security setup without any issues in usability.

A few months into things, Pacific Hire appreciates how easy it is to use their new software. Not only are they free from the “glitches,” they’re able to do things like adjust pricing on items inside a live hire contract, adjust day charges, and make adjustments easily in the back of house as well.

It’s paperless and processes are transparent, which helps Pacific Hire reduce waste and operate more efficiently (and with fewer opportunities for viruses to spread). The team gets to stay on the same page and if there’s an issue, they know that the Point of Rental team has their back.

“The guys are really helpful,” said Christian. “Syrinx handles everything we need and it’s just so reliable. I’ve already recommended two other companies use it and I’m happy to recommend more!”

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